Iowa Impresses Top Lineman Target Daniel Parker

Learn about Missouri lineman Daniel Parker's return visit to Iowa.

One of the top prospects that was in town for the first Iowa Junior Day was Kansas City area lineman Daniel Parker. He could play either side of the line of scrimmage at this point but the Hawkeyes do favor him as more of an edge player on the defensive side of the ball.

Parker had already visited Iowa for a game during the season but was able to get a better understanding of the program and see much more this time around. The prospects were ushered around for a stadium tour, got to check out the locker rooms and facilities, put on the uniforms, and were placed in front of a player panel where they had many of their questions answered.

Parker answered what his favorite part of the trip was.

"Probably the player panel," he stated. "We were able to ask them questions and things like that. I was able to find about how hard the process is from going to class to class and also going to practice and attending all the team meetings. It was good to see what an average day was like and everything that went into it and all the challenges that are ahead. It cleared the picture up."

Parker did love the trip to Iowa City as he expressed on his social media account.

He also shared his excitement of the trip more in-depth with Scout.

"It went good and it was great to get back up here," Parker explained about his trip to Iowa City. "I don't have a top school but I would say that Iowa is a very advanced school academically and football-wise. They have great coaches and great facilities. A lot of us have a great relationship with Coach Woods. He was talking to me today about what I was thinking and what I wanted to study, things like that."

There are no more visits to other programs scheduled at this time for Parker but he does have his eye set on a few camps and combines nationally. He also discussed some of what he was thinking about with his recruitment moving forward.

"All schools still have a chance," he shared. "I don't really have a timetable for a decision."

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