Stronger Connection Building Between Iowa and ATH Samson Evans

Samson Evans with a new connection to Iowa.

Iowa already had a strong connection built with Crystal Lake, Illinois athlete Samson Evans. Not only is his teammate Jeff Jenkins committed to the Hawkeyes but Evans had already made a couple visits to the Iowa campus, including one just a little over a month ago. He's already got a great relationship built with many of the Iowa staff.

Sunday afternoon was about building an additional connection. 

"The visit went very well," Evans said. "I definitely enjoyed getting to talk to the coaches and meet the position coaches again. It was great getting to talk to them and see where I fit in. Today I went and talked more with the wide receivers coach. I really enjoyed getting to meet and talk to him. They are thinking more offense right now for me position-wise but both the offensive side and defensive side are fighting to try and get me to play on that side of the ball."

The wide receivers coach is of course now Kelton Copeland, who came over from Northern Illinois. That's where the new connection comes in for Evans as his family is well aware of Copeland because of his ties to NIU.

"I liked him a lot," Evans shared about Copeland. "He's a great guy and seems like an amazing coach. We had a good conversation. It was easy talking to him because he knows my brother very well from being at Northern Illinois the last couple of years. My brother is an offensive lineman at Northern Illinois and they had a good relationship down there. He spoke really highly of my brother and just said how that reflects on me. It felt like we got off on a really good note."

There's a lot of position versatility to Evans' game. He could play safety or grow into a linebacker on defense. He's got the ability to play in the slot as a receiver, or star as a running back. There's some coaches and programs that still feel like he could be a college quarterback. Evans is just an all-around excellent athlete and that's exactly what Iowa has narrowed in on in a large manner the past few recruiting cycles. Because of that, it's easy to see the attraction to Evans from Iowa. 

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