Carbon Copy: Coach Ferentz's Postgame Quotes

Hawkeye Head Coach Kirk Ferentz shares his thoughts about his team's 56-7 dismantling of Buffalo. He reviews the performance of individual players such as FR QB Drew Tate, FS Sean Considine and SS Chris Smith, who replaced injured all-American Bob Sanders. Get an update on Sanders' condition as well as news on two other Hawkeyes who underwent surgical procedures on Friday.

OPENING STATEMENT: Needless to say, I'm very pleased with today's effort. I thought the guys really prepared well during the week. We were ready to go at kickoff. It was great to get a chance to play a lot of players. You're never quite sure how things are going to materialize. I thought our guys did a good job taking care of business. It gave us an opportunity to get some new faces in there and get them into some situations which hopefully with be beneficial for all of them. I thought our crowd was great again today, right from the start great enthusiasm and energy out there. And that's always pleasing as well. So, not a lot to be unhappy about. We had a couple of guys with some ankle sprains and things of that nature. That's probably about the only bad thing that I saw. We'll put this one to bed, come back tomorrow and start getting ready for next week.


When you're playing a team like Buffalo that's so overmatched like they were, how much can you actually learn about your team?

KF: I think probably the biggest thing, again, was our preparation. I'm happy with the focus that I saw during the week, which wasn't the case last week. And again they not only carried it up to game time, they started with the right mindset, other than that first drive. I thought we were a little soft in that first drive. But after we got through that, I thought we settled down and played pretty well and played hard and played aggressively. That's what you ask your guys to do. How things materialize during the game, you never know. The attitude they take to the game is what is important.

How did you determine when to put Drew (Tate) in?

KF: We didn't have a scientific formula for it, but I think I was hopeful to get him in today. Maybe it would have been nice to get Nathan a little more work today. But I'm not sure that would have been appropriate. So, I just thought it was a good time to get him in there. We wanted to get him in there with the majority of the first-team guys and lrt him operate a little bit with those guys. For the most part, he did a good job. He had a few checks that were a little bit exciting, but other than that it was OK.

Were you concerned at all about your team looking passed Buffalo to Iowa State?

KF: I really wasn't. I never got that sense during the course of the week. In fact, I didn't even give it a thought until somebody mentioned it in the press conference on Tuesday. But I didn't get that sense from our ballclub. I thought they were focused on the task at hand. We're frankly not good enough to look passed anybody. What's most important on our agenda is getting better as a football team.

Without Bob Sanders in there, how did the secondary perform?

KF: I thought they did well. We were confident that they would. Chris Smith has done a great job in the preseason. I think he's another example of a senior who has really found an extra gear. You hope that happens. You look at guys like he and Eric Rothwell that haven't played a lot stepping it up and doing a good job. That's what we've seen from Chris in practice. He played well last week. And it looked to me like he did a solid job again today. So, you hate to lose a guy like Bob, but it's nice to have a veteran player like Chris Smith jumping in there and taking over.

Is there any update on Bob?

KF: It was a busy day unfortunately for Dr. Amendola yesterday. Bob was first on the agenda. Everything went well. I think I talked to him at about 11:30, 11:15. He was already back at his apartment. We encouraged him to stay away today. He's got the thing elevated. He'll be back in the building tomorrow. We're hopeful. If anybody can bounce back quickly, it would be Bob. Like I threw out the other day, I think 2-4 weeks is probably what we're looking at - two being optimistic, four being at the other end of it. Mike Humpal also underwent an arthroscopic procedure on his knee. He had a little bone chip in there. And then, Richard Kittrell had an ACL repair. So, we had three guys actually that had surgeries yesterday.

Your team through two games has had very few mistakes.

KF: That was one thing that I mentioned last week. I thought we were a smarter football team last week. For the most part, we were pretty good today. The penalty situation the first half was perfect. I don't think we had a penalty, which was nice. I think we ended up with two (actually 4) for the game. That's certainly a positive. I think that indicates, again, concentration is where it should be.

Was Chandler better today than last week?

KF: Yeah. Every snap for him is really important. You want to get Drew in there, but Nathan needs work. It's kind of a balancing act there. But I was pleased. I thought he did a good job running the football team. The one drive, he might have been trying to do too much and maybe see a little to much. But after that, he settled down and performed real smoothly.

It looked like you picked up the pace of the game a little bit for Nathan.

KF: That's part of the plan. Hopefully, not only for Nathan, but for our whole offense. Hopefully each week we can become a little bit more diverse and a little bit better. But how the guys respond in practice will dictate what we do on Saturday.

Did you like the young guys that got it?

KF: Yeah, I did. I think we've got a lot of exciting young players on our football team, intriguing guys. It's always good to have them get out there and have a chance to play in Kinnick. For a lot of the guys, it was the first time that they had been on the field. It's kind of fun. And it's at all positions. I think anytime you get that opportunity, that's a great thing.

Can you talk about Champ Davis and his performance?

KF: I don't think it was necessarily by design (to throw him the ball), but as I said last week, i think Champ is a guy that's well rounded. We have confidence in him around the football. He does have excellent hands, and he's pretty smooth out there in the routes that our guys run. He's also a guy that can pick up the blitz. So, he gives us a few more options when we're in our one-back attack.

He just sprained his ankle?

KF: Yeah, the report that I got was that the ankle should be fine. I think that the only one that might be severe is Jory Helms. I think he got chop blocked. It's an ankle sprain as far as we know. They're going to X-ray as a precaution. It's probably a severe ankle sprain. We'll know more here in a couple of days.

Last year, you had a hard game with Miami before playing Iowa State. Will having an easier game before Iowa State this year be better?

KF: Thanks. You had to remind me. Last year's formula didn't work. Maybe this one will be better.

How much does Sean Considine remind you of Derek Pagel?

KF: You lose a good player like Derek and you worry about it. But that's the one thing about the defensive side. We just felt like we had some good players coming up, Sean being one of those. Last year at this time, we thought that Sean was a guy that could start for our football team. He was playing behind Derek and Bob Sanders, two pretty good players. I think that Sean has already shown in two weeks the kind of football player he is. He's just a tremendous young man. He obviously made plays on the ball, but he's done a great job in run support.

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