Iowa Blows In-State DE John Waggoner Away at Junior Day

Iowa blows the top in-state prospect in the 2018 class away once again.

The state's top prospect in the 2018 class was back on the Iowa campus this past weekend for the first junior day event of the cycle. West Des Moines (Iowa) Dowling defensive end John Waggoner has seen his recruitment expand quite a bit in the past week. He's added offers from Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Indiana, and UCLA in addition to the Hawkeyes and Cyclones.

But for now, Iowa continues to have the inside track and did everything they needed to once again with him in town.

"It was awesome," Waggoner said about the visit to Iowa City. "I always love talking to that coaching staff."

It's not just defensive line coach Reese Morgan that Waggoner has forged a strong bond with. It's a few others on the staff as well, including the head coach.

"It's hard to say who I'm closest with," he pointed out. "I feel like I have a pretty good relationship with Coach Southmayd, Coach Morgan and Coach Ferentz. I'm pretty close with the other coaches, too."

It's clear that the Hawkeye staff has made Waggoner quite the priority for the 2018 haul. He's felt that too but knows he'll have the liberty of progressing through it all at his own pace.

"They aren't going to recruit like that and put pressure on me," Waggoner explained about Iowa. "They don't want me to commit unless I am 100 percent sure that it's where I want to be. They have respect for the process and are completely against anything like forcing a commitment on a kid."

"I honestly don't know when I'll make a choice," he continued. "Really it'll just be whenever I have that feeling in my heart is when I'll pull the trigger."

The visit was an A+ for the Hawkeyes and they made sure to set aside some one-on-one time for Waggoner and his family to have with head coach Kirk Ferentz.

"Honestly just talking with the coaches was the best part of the trip," Waggoner shared. "My parents and I got to talk to Coach Ferentz in his office for around 30 minutes and he really emulates the whole program. And then of course Coach Morgan is always great to talk to."

"Iowa blew me away with their family culture," he admitted. "It's hard to say if there's any separation at the top for them because I just haven't visited other schools yet."

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