Noah Shannon (Allen Trieu / Scout)

Iowa Surging for a top DT Target

Iowa among the favorites for top target at defensive tackle.

One of the top targets for Iowa that was on campus over a week ago for a junior day was Oswego, Illinois defensive tackle Noah Shannon. He is one of the first offers from the Hawkeyes at the position and they've had the accelerator pushed down for him ever since. Being a midwest prospect from Illinois and being high on the radar, and high on the list at a position of need, Shannon has been identified as one of the major needs and wants for Kirk Ferentz and company this cycle.

His first visit to Iowa City was an overall success.

"I really enjoyed it," Shannon said. "I got to sit down with coach Ferentz and talk to him and ask questions. But overall I had a good time and I'm going to be coming back in the spring to watch a practice."

"(Coach Kirk Ferentz) just talked about his history and where he used to coach and things like that," Shannon added. "He told me that they'd love for me to be apart of the team, but he does encourage me to visit other schools just to get a feel for them so that I'm not cutting myself short. I didn't really have any questions for him because we had a chance to talk to some of their current players and they were very good and answered all the questions I had."

It's a pretty big step for the Hawkeyes to impress Shannon as much as they did, answer all his questions and alleviate any and all concerns, and have him planning another trip immediately afterwards. Getting him in town for a spring practice is imperative so that he is able to be around the program more, be around the players more, and be around the coaches more and develop even more comfort, relationships, and familiarity. It also shows him exactly how practices are run, how the coaches interact with the players on and off the field, and to see the expectations and process for players at his position. 

But he shared how involved Iowa was in his recruiting process himself and where they currently stack up.

"I'd have to say they are one of my favorite schools," he admitted. "But I am still open to everyone. I just really like the atmosphere at Iowa, not including the games but just in general. I feel like I would be treated like family if I were to choose Iowa and have that home-like feeling."

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