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Iowa Spring Game Observations

Scout's observations from the Iowa 2017 Spring Game.


The quarterbacks had a rough outing. Nate Stanley was picked off by Jake Gervase once while Gervase got Tyler Wiegers' number twice. Wiegers did get the first reps with the first team in both warm ups and during the game. Stanley took the first team reps in the second half. Wiegers is a bit more of a steady player while Stanley has the stronger arm and more penchant for the big play.

At this stage, Stanley is just still a bit more rough around the edges. He fires a lot of bullets and exhibits very little touch. He's more efficient from 50 yards out than 5 yards out because of this. His timing with the receivers is pretty weak at the moment as well. Wiegers has the timing down much better and knows when he doesn't have to fire a rocket in there. He just lacks the pure arm strength of Stanley. 

Running back wise, Akrum Wadley did not play. They've been bringing him along slowly and not letting him get too involved with any live action this Spring. So it was the Toren Young and Toks Akinribade show. Toren Young was clearly more impressive. He had a touchdown, showed a nice burst, and was even shiftier than I anticipated. I think he gets the carries that aren't thrown Wadley's way this year. He has a bright future. 

Receivers were as weak as the quarterbacks for obvious reasons. They threw the ball a lot and they don't have a lot of receivers so it was expected to look ugly at this stage and it was. Easley has been said to be the best receiver this Spring but he didn't get a lot of action his way. Adrian Falconer and Devonte Young both had the case of the drops even when they got in sync with the quarterbacks. Ronald Nash had a decent showing, though. 

The tight ends suffered from a lack of timing with the quarterbacks as well. Fant was the most effective one and had a good night. Beyer had a lot of balls thrown his way and came down with a couple. He seems more natural at tight end than he ever was at receiver. Hockenson and Beyer seemed to be battling for snaps after Fant. It seems to be a tight battle at this point but Beyer seems like more of a downfield weapon at this stage. 


Brandon Simon was the most effective defensive end on the night. Anthony Nelson and Parker Hesse dressed but didn't play a whole lot. That left time for both Simon and Chauncey Golston. Golston definitely looks the part of a future stud. He has a great look to him. Inside at defensive tackle was a bit of a mixed bag just because they were without Brady Reiff and Nathan Bazata. I wonder how much we're actually going to see of Bazata. Garret Jansen and Cedrick Lattimore started. 

The linebackers left early. Jewell, Bower and Ben Niemann did not play a whole lot. With Hockaday being injured all Spring, the backup middle linebacker is Kristian Welch and he actually looked really, really good. He's ahead of Garbutt now. The back-up outside linebackers were Amani Jones and Nick Niemann. Amani Jones is another one with a bright future in my opinion.

Jake Gervase got the start at free safety for Snyder and had three interceptions so you can't criticize his performance. But he also may have been a recipient of some pretty rough quarterback play. Miles Taylor, Manny Rugamba and Josh Jackson were the other three starters in the secondary. Michael Ojemudia played a lot, too. Noah Clayberg is already a second team safety but that has more to do with the lack of depth I believe. It's a very, very, very thin group secondary and very young. They'll likely give up some big plays this year because of that so you'll have to be patient with them.


Nothing was really live so there wasn't a lot to see. The only time Akrum Wadley played tonight was two reps as a punt returner. Josh Jackson and Manny Rugamba got the other reps as punt returner. Devonte Young is another one that has been used. It was a great night from Colten Rastetter as the punter. Miguel Recinos looks to be slightly ahead of Keith Duncan at kicker right now. 

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