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WR I'Shawn Stewart Recaps Iowa Visit

Find out what wideout I'Shawn Stewart thought about his Iowa visit.

One of the Iowa wide receiver targets in the 2018 cycle is I'Shawn Stewart of Bolingbrook, Illinois. The Hawkeyes have really focused on a large contingent in Illinois and Stewart is among them. He's a candidate for the slot position in the recruiting class at Iowa despite other programs being more interested in him as a cornerback. 

He's a pretty thin-framed player at this point, standing at only 5-foot-10 and 165 pounds. But what he lacks in size he does make up in quickness and speed, which gave defenders fits at the Under Armour camp on Sunday.

Stewart took an Iowa visit not long ago and was able to recap it with Scout.

"I was at Iowa at the beginning of April," he said. "They want me as a slot receiver and I'm still looking at them. I've been there a few times now. I'll probably go there for a camp just for fun over the summer. I'm just catching back up with them now. Coach Kennedy is gone and (Kelton) Copeland is there now. I'm getting used to him but he did offer me at Northern Illinois before."

The transition from Kennedy to Copeland has been a slower process for Stewart as he had close ties to the previous receivers coach in Iowa City.

"Coach Copeland is a good dude," Stewart mentioned. "He moves around a lot more than coach Kennedy did. Coach Kennedy was a great dude too but Copeland moves around a little more and gives off more energy." 

"It's been a change because Coach Kennedy and I had a close relationship," he added. "Brian Ferentz was talking to me in between the transition from Kennedy to Copeland. I was shocked honestly about the move because coach Kennedy was my guy. But Brian Ferentz talked to me and then Copeland came back in and got everything back together."

Some vague details about the new Hawkeye offense were conveyed to Stewart on his visit to see the Hawkeyes the first weekend in April. 

"They're going back to a little bit of what North Dakota State ran and what they were running a couple of years ago," Stewart shared. "They'll be less of a run-heavy offense and have some more passing. That's what they've been saying. They'll never get that far away from the run, though."

Another school that could be in the mix for Stewart is Wisconsin.

"I just came back from a visit to Wisconsin," he pointed out. "They didn't offer yet. We're just now getting in communication with one another. We're still new to each other. They just wanted me to have a personal day with them."

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