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Iowa Recruiting Outlook Number Three

Check out where the Iowa recruiting efforts stand in 2018.


Derek's Take: Teams always look to take at least one quarterback and that will be no different in this class despite the fact that there will be none graduating from this spot. They'll grab one. The best chances likely lie with Kansas signal caller Jace Ruder who is committed to Tulsa. Not a lot of movement has been made on this one just yet so expect there to be an effort towards evaluating additional prospects in the spring evaluation period and then in camps over the sumeer.

I do feel there's a chance the quarterback of this class has yet to be offered and comes from someone not currently on the board or radar. This time last year we thought Kameron Fields might be Iowa's quarterback of the class and now he's going to college to play baseball. 

Great Chance: N/A 
In The Mix: Devin Black, Jace Ruder
Not Likely: Kevin Doyle, Artur Sitkowski, Cade Fortin, Quincy Patterson, Devin Leary




Derek's Take: Iowa only will lose Wadley after this year. That willl still leave five backs backs on the roster once Wadley exits and Kyshaun Bryan and Ivory Kelly-Martin arrive.

I would say it makes sense to only take one back in this class, and with Henry Geil of Wisconsin already in the fold, they may be done. However, Saybein Clark of Sioux City is still out there. But he hasn't seemed to show a ton of interest in Iowa, and he could also be a defensive back. Our impression is that they are finished at this spot.

Great Chance: N/A
In The Mix: Saybein Clark
Not Likely: Lorenzo Lingard, Kirby Bennett, Ricky Slade, Markese Stepp, Jaelen Gill, Tavion Thomas, Jerome Ford, Elijah Collins
Committed: Henry Geil




Derek's Take: They only lose VandeBerg but it's still in need of a talent infusion. Iowa only had two scholarship receivers available in the Spring in Devonte Young and Adrian Falconer. VandeBerg was injured again and Jerminic Smith was removed from team activities. That seems to be an ongoing situation and the university isn't commenting on his status at this time. If Smith were unavailable for the Fall, Iowa would enter the season with only three returning scholarship wideouts. But they do have four freshmen arriving in the Fall.

That means in 2018 that Iowa should have six or seven receivers return. I think three is the right number for this position, at least. Three would give you nine scholarship receivers for the 2018 season which might be much especially accumulating seven altogether in back to back classes. I still wouldn't rule it out, though. But remember, at some point I would imagine Nick Easley receives a scholarship.

I do not see I'Shawn Stewart in the class anymore. I think he needs a strong camp performance but numbers could keep him out. They took a slot guy in the last cycle with Max Cooper of Wisconsin. They've already added Tyrone Tracy of Indianapolis for the slot in this one.

Who's the next to join? Samson Evans. I think it happens soon as well. Beyond that? They'll swing for guys like Cameron Brown, Keondrae Miller and Bryce Oliver. Miller and Oliver are Florida natives that were recently offered. They recently offered Taj Mustapha of Michigan and our sources have indicated he almost committed on the spot upon being offered. That's one to keep an eye on.

Great Chance: Samson Evans, Taj Mustapha
In The Mix: Cameron Brown, Keondrae Miller, Bryce Oliver
Not Likely: Kamryn Babb, Drue Jackson, Jahan Dotson, Micah Jones, Meechi Harris, Daniel George, I'Shawn Stewart
Committed: Tyrone Tracy








Derek's Take: There's a couple that haven't performed on the field just yet so there's a little unknown here. Wisnieski graduates. Because they added Coons here in the 2017 class, they could get away with not signing one. I think they take one if it's the right one. If they do add a tight end, he hasn't been offered yet. Some names to think about are in-state prospect Ben Subbert of Williamsburg and Anthony Torres of Indiana. Mike O'Laughlin of Illinois was a candidate but recently jumped on an offer from West Virginia.

Great Chance: N/A
In The Mix: 
Not Likely: L'Christian Smith, Josh Whyle, Luke Ford, Brenden Bates



Derek's Take: I have Wirfs as an interior lineman as of now but he could play tackle as well. Kallenberger is definitely a tackle. There's also still Levi Paulsen and Alaric Jackson but they do lose Boone Myers and Ike Boettger. There's a lot of bodies for the interior that will still be left as Sean Welsh will be the only one that graduates. They can be selective here and I think they can sign two and be okay, and best case scenario would be one tackle and one guard. Three is possible, though.

Some believe Downing is a tackle. I think he's more of an interior prospect. Jenkins is definitely on the interior. Those are the only two they have a shot with among the prospects they have offered. I do still believe Downing is leaning towards the Cyclones but he'll visit Minnesota on Friday May 12 and Iowa on Monday May 15. As of now, he seems to visit Iowa State every week and that has to mean something. Most involved with this recruitment believe he plays his football in Ames. 

Great Chance: N/A
In The Mix: Trevor Downing
Not Likely: Jack Carman, Carlos Vettorello, Will Farniok, Jalen Mayfield
Jeff Jenkins




Derek's Take: There's nine defensive ends that will be on the roster this Fall as it currently stands now in addition to six defensive tackles. The only one expected to depart is Nathan Bazata due to graduation. So how much space is there here? It can't be a lot. But the nature of the beast suggests there has to be some attrition coming. It's tough to keep this many guys happy. They absolutely need to add a couple defensive tackles at least. Defensive end is a different animal. 

They're already added Tyler Linderbaum as a defensive tackle. They're pushing hard for Daniel Parker and John Waggoner at defensive end. I think they're in better shape with Parker but I also think they'd land Waggoner if today was decision day. Noah Shannon was leaning towards Iowa at one point but I think Minnesota might be trending at this time. They also were the first FBS offer for Nebraska defensive tackle Bryson Williams and he's been on campus twice already. The numbers are going to make things very interesting at this spot. 

Great Chance: John Waggoner, Daniel Parker, Bryson Williams
In The Mix: Michael Thompson, Noah Shannon
Not Likely: Thomas Booker, Malik Vann, Justin Ademilola, Jayson Ademilola, Masry Mapieu, Taron Vincent, Aeneas Hawkins, Malcolm Lamar, Alex Reigelsperger, Ronnie Perkins, Daniel Carson, Devin O'Rourke, Jamarcus Chatman, Leonard Taylor, Tate Wildeman, Trevor Trout
Committed: Tyler Linderbaum








Derek's Take: They do lose three linebackers in Jewell, Bower, and Niemann. But it's still pretty well-stocked because of the 2016 class. They'll have nine returning. They've added an outside guy already in Dillon Doyle. Doyle could eventually slide inside but he's been told he's an outside guy at this stage. Mike Bruner was in the class but no longer is after de-committing in the past month.

Cameron McGrone and DeAndre Square didn't make the most sense at one point since they're likely outside linebackers at the next level. Now they do with Bruner out of the equation and the need for another outside linebacker. I do think Iowa has a better shot with Square than McGrone at this point. Square is looking at Michigan State and Wisconsin the most but the Spartans are going through a rough patch and the Badgers are filling up quick. That could give an opening to Iowa and Kentucky for his services.

Another outside linebacker candidate now is Khalan Tolson of Florida who was offered after the Hawkeyes visited his school in Florida.

Adeoye would be the best case scenario because of his talent and his fit as an inside linebacker in Iowa's system. However, that's going to be a tough pull with all the national players involved for his recruitment. Of the midwest programs, Illinois is probably one the one with the best shot for Adeoye. 

Great Chance: N/A
In The Mix: Cameron McGrone, DeAndre Square, Khalan Tolson
Not Likely: Antwuan Johnson, Jack Sanborn, Rocky Shelton, James Miller, Rosendo Louis, Mike Bruner, Ayodele Adeoye
Dillon Doyle







Derek's Take: They just brought in quite the haul in the secondary in the 2017 class, specifically six guys if Trey Creamer ends up on defense. Only one that is set to leave is Miles Taylor. I do think they could still add a couple corners and at least one safety. The Spring and Summer attrition will tell us a lot.

At one point they were in a spot where they could have landed all of Tyrik Henderson, Dallas Craddieth, Dashon Bussell and D.J. Johnson and that would have been an impressive haul. They were defeated by Minnesota for Henderson and now D.J. Johnson should be headed to South Bend after being offered by Notre Dame. The latest we're hearing on Craddieth is that Northwestern has made a move for him.

We do still love where Iowa stands for Dashon Bussell and believe they should end up with cornerback Davion Williams of Michigan. That would be two corners and the two safeties they'd love to finish with would be Craddieth and also Julius Brents of Indianapolis.

But is Saybein Clark a defensive back as well and does he pick Iowa? There's a lot of moving parts, still. 

Great Chance: Dashon Bussell, Davion Williams
In The Mix: Julius Brents, Jayce Rogers, Maxwell Worship, Dallas Craddieth
Not Likely: Ken Montgomery, A.J. Lytton, Isheem Young, Atanza Vongor, Greg Newsome, Mario Goodrich, Reese Taylor, Michael Dowell, Delarrin Turner-Yell, D.J. Johnson, Tyrik Henderson






When looking at the numbers, I think this could be a smaller class than what we saw in both the 2016 and 2017 classes. I think the number here probably tops off at around 17-18. How they distribute those numbers is still a bit up in the air at some point but there's no positions that need to be substantially emphasized in the class. Looking at the numbers position by position and it really only commands a little here and a little there for the most part.

The names listed are just the ones that have been offered so far, and there will undoubtedly be prospects that sign on in this class that have yet to be listed. There's only five commits in right now. They should be at double-digits by the end of summer. 

Because it is a class with a limited number of spots, I do see a scenario where most of the 17-18 slots get filled up by the end of summer. It could be a lot like the 2016 group in that way. But they'll leave 3-4 spots available for late adds after they are able to evaluate some senior film and find some late bloomers like Iowa always loves to do. They place a lot of value in that and a lot of value in athletes that are multi-sport athletes. But also so they can figure out the numbers as well.

Here's a rough estimate of what the numbers could look like position by position.

QB - 1
RB - 1
WR - 3
TE - 0/1
OL - 2/3
DL - 3/4
LB - 2/3
DB - 3/4

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