The Rob Report: Iowa State Week

This standard feature will recount the week that was in Iowa football. HTO Senior Writer Rob Howe will bring premium members inside the Hawkeyes' camp with on-site observations from the game, injury updates, top quotes from the week and other interesting tidbits from behind the scenes.


MO BROWN - Kirk Ferentz said that he was "concerned" about Mo's injury. That should make all Hawkeye fans concerned. Mo was injured on his acrobatic touchdown catch in the first quarter. As he came down to earth, Iowa State DB Ellis Hobbs blasted into Mo's right leg. Mo stayed on a ground for a about 30 seconds before limping to the bench. KF rushed over to check on his star wideout as did a number of his teammates. The trainers took Mo's shoe off and examined his ankle. Mo got up and tried to walk on it. He seemed to be OK, but went to the Hawkeye locker room with a trainer. He emerged from the building about 10 minutes later looking ready to head back on the field. But either the trainers or the coaches pulled the plug on that idea because Mo walked back to the bench and slumped down in disappointment. Mo returned to the locker room and came back in a sweat suit with his right foot in a boot. KF said that they should know more Sunday or Monday. We will probably learn more at Tuesday's presser.

ERIC ROTHWELL - Started at right guard for the first two games but injured his ankle in the second quarter of the Buffalo win Week 2. KF said that the senior missed some practice time this week, and that's why the coaches moved Pete McMahon from RT to RG and started Sam Aiello at RT. KF was not real definitive in his answers in saying that the injury was the only reason for the switch. This might have been the line that the coaches wanted before Aiello was suspended for the opening game. KF said that he expected Rothwell to be back to 100 percent healthy this week. The senior did see mop-up duty on Saturday. We should get an idea of what's going on when the depth chart is released on Monday and questions are asked at Tuesday's presser.

JARED CLAUSS - He looked OK in the postgame presser, but he was in a lot of pain when he left the field in the fourth quarter. He got banged on his right shoulder and was wincing on the sideline. He showed noticeable pain for about five minutes. On the bright side, he ran off of the field with the Cy-Hawk Trophy, so the injury should not be too bad. Of course, he had a lot of adrenaline running through his body.

BOB SANDERS - The Bullet roamed the sidelines for most of the game and looked ready to run out to his strong safety spot. He was high-fiving guys as they came off of the field and took part in almost all defensive and special teams' huddles on the sidelines. KF said that BS thought he could play against ISU. Asked if BS would be back for ASU, Ferentz said that he would not rule it out, but doubts it. We'll see if the doctors give clearance. I would say that it's more likely that we'll see BS in the Big 10 opener in East Lansing, but I also would not be shocked to see him this Saturday.

ALBERT YOUNG - He was not on the sideline in Ames, but we are in the neighborhood of the 2-4 weeks initially predicted for his absence. I think we'll get more answers on AY this Tuesday, but I would be surprised to see him in there against ASU. I would look for his return to be at Mich. State.

ANTWAN ALLEN - He tweaked his ankle on a pass play late in the game, but returned later in the series. I would not expect AA to miss any time.


Iowa dressed just four true freshmen for Saturday's game in Ames. Quarterbacks Drew Tate and Eric McCollom, running back A.J. Johnson and linebacker Tom Busch. The appearance of Tate and Johnson was expected. They had played already. But McCollom and Busch still have their redshirts on and that likely won't change. As both guys are out-of-state recruits, their attendance at the intrastate rivalry game ahead of some native Iowans in the class must indicate Iowa's strong feelings about the duo.


The Hawkeyes handed out some memorable hits sure to make the highlight reels for a number of players. Grant Steen blasted Lane Danielsen after the ISU receiver caught a second-quarter pass.

IA linebacker Matt Roth literally threw ISU running back Hiawatha Rutland on a tackle for loss. I think it was some kind of wrestling move MR learned in high school. MR also blew up an option attempt later in the game, throwing ISU QB Austin Flynn for a loop.

Abdul Hodge was all over the field. He threw Flynn for a tackle for loss and then sacked the ISU QB on the next play.

On the first drive of the second half, DE Howard Hodges drilled Flynn on a third down pass attempt. The ISU QB was bent over in pain for several minutes on the sideline.


The Iowa coach exploaded at the officials after Danielsen took a couple of cheap shots on Iowa WR Ed Hinkel. After an ISU punt, Hinkel was attempting to get out of the way of the ball when LD grabbed his jersey and slammed him to the ground. The referees told EH that it was legal, but KF was going crazy on the sidelines. He wanted a holding call on LD. None came and KF continued the argument for several minutes. Danielsen tried the move again, and EH low-bridged him and knocked the ISU receiver on his keister. There were no more problems after that.


It's tough to pick on the boys after such an exciting and much-needed win, but there were some letdowns in the second half. Edgar Cervantes fumbled, Nathan Chandler forced a pass into TE Erik Jensen in the end zone and also was called for an illegal forward pass when he had plenty of room to run. TE Tony Jackson dropped a pass right in his hands with a lot of empty field in front of him. Allen was beaten pretty badly on a 39-yard pass play to Lance Young late in the third quarter. It's a big no-no for the IA DBs to let receivers behind them. The 69-yard touchdown reception by Jack Whitver also was a breakdown by the second-team defense.


Memories of Fred Barr returned when Matt Roth got off this gem in the postgame press conference. The best part of this was the look of surprise on MR's face when he said it. It was a genuine account of his first real taste of the Iowa-Iowa State football rivalry. And it was somewhat refreshing after a week of hearing everybody on both sides saying the right things.

When asked about Iowa's wild celebration in Jack Trice Stadium, MR replied -

They beat us the last five years. Even though I've only been a part of the last two, it means a lot when we come here, especially for the Iowa (natives). They just hate each other. You grow onto that.

Q: Did you hear the Iowa and Iowa State guys from Iowa going at it out there on the field today?

MR: I heard some talking. Some of them went to the same high schools and stuff. They hate each other. They really do. You grow on to hate them too, even us out of town (state) guys.

Runner-up - Nathan Chandler when asked if he could appreciate the magnitude of the win as a Texas native:

It's a Hawkeye State. That's what I want to hear.

Second runner-up - Kirk Ferentz after being asked about the postgame celebration by his players:

It's an intrastate rivalry. There's this perception that we don't place importance on it. I found that to be a little offensive. We want to win every football game. And sure we want to win in this series just like they do. That's one thing that's guaranteed. Wherever you play the game, it's going to be a great environment and I'd be shocked if both teams didn't play as hard as they could. They've got a great staff. They've got great young men on their team. That's the neat thing about an intrastate rivalry. I missed the party too, by the way. (The coaches) figured it because nobody came into the locker room with us.


The postgame celebration on the Trice Stadium field was fun to watch. After the players were done, they came up the ramp where a legion of Hawkeye fans had lined the fence three and four people deep. The Iowa players recognized their great support by running along and handing out high fives. It was great to see the connection between an admirable group of young men and a proud group of children to adults decked out in their best Black and Gold. Jared Clauss and Jason Manson helped finish the procession by holding the Cy-Hawk Trophy above their heads to a rousing round of applause as they ducked into the Iowa locker room. It was quite a day, and my first time in six Iowa-Iowa State games that I saw the Hawkeyes win. It would be nice to have that feeling again next year in Kinnick.

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