The Rob Report: Arizona State

This standard feature will recount the week that was in Iowa football. HTO Senior Writer Rob Howe will bring premium members inside the Hawkeyes' camp with on-site observations from the game, injury updates, top quotes from the week and other interesting tidbits from behind the scenes.


Ed Hinkel - KF said it was a groin injury, but he was not sure how serious. Hinkel stood on the sidelines in street clothes during the second half. Groin injuries can linger. Hopefully that's not the case here.

David Walker - Did not dress after injuring his knee in practice this week. He was on crutches on Saturday.

Bob Sanders - Spoke briefly with Bob on field after the game. He was walking normally and said that he felt good. He practiced this past week and experienced some soreness in foot. He probably could have went against ASU. I think we see him in East Lansing at least on a limited basis.

Erik Jensen - Limped off of the field after banging up his leg in the second half, but returned to action a short time later.

Champ Davis - He was in street clothes, but looked to be walking easier than last week. Word has it that the ankle is getting better, and he should be able to go at Michigan State.

Nathan Chandler - The QB landed on his left wrist after being hit in the second quarter. He held it for a while, but stayed in the game. He didn't have it wrapped in the postgame.


Many of the true freshmen dressed for the ASU game, including James Townsend and Eric McCollom, who took off their redshirts. Also on the sidelines in uniform were: Alex Willcox, Mike Klinkenborg, Tom Busch, Kenny Iwebema, George Eshareturi, Jonathan Zanders, Khaliq Price, Mike Jones, Herb Grigsby, A.J. Johnson, Scott Chandler, Brian Mattison and a preferred walk-on from Williamsburg, Jacob Spratt (#21). Chandler stayed very close to offensive coordinator Ken O'Keefe for most of the night with his helmet on.


Iowa City native Hakim Hill received a round of boos every time he touched the ball for ASU.

The Sun Devils decided to conduct their interviews on the field after the game. Not a good idea when Iowa fans had been tailgating all day. Andrew Walter took the brunt of the abuse, hearing such things as "You suck", "the PAC-10 sucks" and "bye-bye Heisman". To his credit, the ASU junior never flinched during his interviews.


Kicker Nate Kaeding's touchdown saving tackle on Josh Golden's kick return?

Coach Ferentz get into the faces of the offensive linemen at the end of the first quarter? He walked over to them on the bench and started pointing at them as he was hollering. It worked.

Former all-Big Ten lineman Colin Cole took in the game from the Iowa sideline? Just imagine if Colin would have redshirted.

Jensen made some big catches, including on the second-and-long during the third series and a nifty touchdown? And Tony Jackson did not play until Jensen banged his knee up in the fourth quarter. Jensen and Mike Follett took most of the snaps at TE.

Jared Clauss rip the helmet off of ASU center Drew Hodgdon?

LT Robert Gallery pull out to the left and threw a block on a DB on a screen pass to Calvin Davis in the second quarter?

The fans boo when Iowa punted late in the second quarter. They started chanting "Nate. Nate. Nate." In hopes that Nate Kaeding would be allowed to try a long field goal attempt.

ASU went five straight possessions without a first down, a span of almost 15 minutes on the clock?

Iowa has outscored its opponents 52-0 in the second quarter and 34-0 in the third quarter this season?

ASU was held without an offensive point for the first time since 1995?

Fred Russel moved into 10th place in Iowa's all-time rushing list?

Townsend also played on punt coverage?

McCollom said the move to WR was temporary? Ferentz kind of worked his way around the question of the move being permanent. Stay tuned.

One of the things that has slowed Townsend's progress has been a battle with asthma, much of which had been caused by the humid and warm days at the beginning of the season. He has missed some practice time because of it.

Many of the ASU media members asked about the loss of big-play wide receiver Daryl Lightfoot? The players and coaches said that it's tough to recover when you lose a game breaker. Koetter said that he didn't know many teams in the country that could take that loss. Hello, Iowa was without Mo Brown, and its other starting receiver, Ed Hinkel, for more than half of the game.


IA WR Ramon Ochoa on his appreciation for how far the program has come since '99: "Definitely, I appreciate it more. And I always tell the young guys, "You know man, I remember when we were 1-10. People would run out there just because we won a game. And they would cheer when we got first downs." That was realistic back then. Even though we always played hard, we didn't have the talent. Now, we can't accept a loss. If I could do it again, I would do it again."


IA QB Nathan Chandler on the team's ability to be prepared for every game: "It's kind of like walking on a tight rope. You have your end goal, but you've got to watch every step. You've got to focus on every step. We've focused on every step."

IA LT Robert Gallery on the team's depth: "When Mo went down, everybody thought that the season was over. Everybody besides us. Around campus, everybody's like, "Oh no" and starting to feel sorry for us. We know we have guys that can step in and pick up those spots no matter who goes down. We have guys in backup roles that know they're going to have to play."

IA LB Grant Steen on the effects of Iowa's hard-hitting defense: "On our defense, if you don't want to bring the wood, then you're not going to play. Everybody respects each other's toughness first and play-making ability second. So you've got to be tough first, and that's going to scare people on film. They see those big hits, and those receivers are going to think twice about coming across the middle."

IA HC Kirk Ferentz on being able to impress a group of highly regarded recruits in attendance Saturday: "It was such a great environment in this stadium. Anybody that was here knows that. Maybe there is, but I can't imagine a better place to play a home game. To be on national TV, and playing well, that's always good. I'm sure a lot of prospects watched across the country. To be in the stadium, what a great night."

ASU S Brett Hudson on Iowa's offensive attack: "They threw a lot more than we thought they were going to. I thought they were just going to run it down our throats. When the defense stepped up, they caught the corners one-on-one. And they made plays. That was the difference. They made plays."

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