Greenway's Work Ethic Is Farm-Raised

Kirk Ferentz was talking about Chad Greenway. "He's a delightful young man," Iowa's football coach said of Greenway. "Ask him about hog farming." Interesting way to get a football conversation going, right?

So Greenway, a 240-pound sophomore Hawkeye linebacker from Mt. Vernon, S.D., was asked about growing up on a hog farm.

Frankly, he loved talking about it.

"We had about 4,000 pigs," Greenway said.

And that's not all.

"We had 100 cows and we farm 1,200 acres," Greenway added. "I think that helped me from a work ethic point of view when I had to get back on the field after having a knee injury.

"And, another thing, as far as the work ethic is concerned, I've learned a lot from my father, who is probably the strongest and hardest worker I've ever met."

Obviously, Ferentz was right.

Alan and Julie Greenway — Chad's parents — have raised quite a delightful son.

They've also raised a son who has made solely or taken part in 17 tackles in each of his last two games for an Iowa team that has a 4-0 record and is ranked No. 9 by the coaches and No. 13 by the AP.

Greenway was named co-winner of the Big Ten defensive player of the week after his latest starring role in the Hawkeyes' 21-2 victory Saturday over Arizona State.

"We wanted to make sure we turned Arizona State into a one-dimensional team," Greenway said. "We wanted to stop their run. We knew if they had to throw to beat us it would be harder for them."

Greenway knows what's facing Iowa in Saturday's Big Ten opener against Michigan State (3-1) at East Lansing, Mich., and in games the rest of the season.

"Teams will be coming after us," he said. "We were the co-champs last season, so we have a target on our shoulders. Michigan State has a great quarterback in Jeff Smoker. I've seen quite a bit of him on film, and he's throwing the ball all over the place."

‘Soap Box Derby Project'

Ferentz had an interesting way to describe his team Tuesday.

"When we beat Iowa State two weeks ago, we won this trophy called the Cy-Hawk Trophy," the Iowa coach said. "Quite honestly, it looks like something that somebody made in their basement. "It seems like a Soap Box Derby project or something like that.

"And that kind of resembles our team — it's not much to look at, but it's fun being around it. That's kind of what we are right now.

"We're certainly not the most talented team. We're not gifted in a lot of areas. But our guys are pretty gritty. I wasn't sure coming out of preseason camp where we were mentally, but from what I've seen in the first four weeks our guys are playing hard and with pride. They've given all they have to give."

John L. Smith's Take on Things

Michigan State coach John L. Smith, who is in his first season, said, "Our defensive front has come along and played pretty darn good, but I'm not particularly pleased with what we've done offensively."

Smith is well aware of the coaching job Ferentz has done in recent seasons after a slow start at Iowa.

"He took over a program that wasn't having a lot of success," Smith said. "Now it's a big, strong athletic team. They're very well coached. They're awfully good and they're going to win a lot of games (even though) it's taken them a while to get there."

Ron Maly
Vol. 3, No. 50
Sept. 23, 2003

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