Rob Report: Michigan State

This standard feature will recount the week that was in Iowa football. HTO Senior Writer Rob Howe will bring premium members inside the Hawkeyes' camp with on-site observations from the game, injury updates, top quotes from the week and other interesting tidbits from behind the scenes.


Bob Sanders said that he "tweaked" the right foot that he had surgery earlier in the season. The senior DB was helped off of the field late in the fourth quarter. Most of the Iowa trainers worked on Sanders for the final few minutes of the game. He limped to the locker room under his own power. He was the only Hawkeye to sit in a chair during the postgame interviews.

Eric Rothwell was holding a bag of ice on his hand while leaving the field Saturday. The senior guard was involved with a couple of Hawkeyes who mixed it up with MSU players following an Iowa interception in the closing minutes. Punches and shoves were exchanged on the home team sideline.

Jared Clauss limped for a while after being chop blocked in the second half. MSU was penalized on the play, but got away with a lot of questionable blocking on the day. Clauss walked it off and had one of the better days among Hawkeyes.

Mo Brown (foot) and Ed Hinkel (groin) made the trip to East Lansing. These injured Hawkeyes did not - Champ Davis (ankle), Albert Young (knee) and David Walker (knee).


The Rose and Capital One Bowls sent representatives to Saturday's game.

On MSU's second touchdown, Antwan Allen, Grant Steen and Sean Considine met quickly and looked confused by the play. Someone missed an assignment, but appeared the trio was unsure who did. IA DB coach Phil Parker met Allen as he reached the sideline giving an indication who might have been at fault.

Bob Sanders played on punt coverage and the field goal defense special teams.

Kirk Ferentz spent a lot of time with Offensive Line coach Reese Morgan and that unit during the game.

On Iowa's second drive, Center Brian Ferentz was called for a false start on the first play, a hold on a nice gain by RB Fred Russell and a bad snap on third down.

MSU had a fake punt on in the third quarter, but P Brandon Fields mishandled the snap.

Iowa coaches were not happy with the blocking of FB Edgar Cervantes on a couple of occasions. KF yelled at the senior after Chandler was sacked on Iowa's third drive of the second half. RB coach Carl Jackson yanked Cervantes and inserted Aaron Mickens on the next series.

Ramon Ochoa's knee was clearly down on his punt return fumble. He and the IA coaches must not have seen it because nobody argued.

On the fourth and two in the fourth quarter, Kevin Vickerson pushed Brian Ferentz a couple of yards into the Iowa backfield and stopped Russell for a loss.

Robert Gallery saw a lot of blitzes on his side and MSU's speed ends got around him. He had a costly holding penalty.

Derreck Robinson was flagged for a face mask penalty that bailed the MSU offense out of a hole in the fourth quarter.

Offensive coordinator Ken O'Keefe and WR Calvin Davis were involved in a animated exchange with about 4-minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. O'Keefe eventually walked away and David Raih went over to Davis to try to smooth things over.

Brian Ferentz, Rothwell and Phil Parker started running towards the locker room as the final seconds ticked off the clock.

Kirk Ferentz stayed positive throughout the final part of the game. He was encouraging his players until the final buzzer.

Other than the true freshmen that had already taken their redshirts off this season, Scott Chandler was the only true freshman to make the trip to East Lansing having not played this season. That changed when he played against MSU. The Hawkeyes have now used six true freshmen this season - Drew Tate, Eric McCollom, James Townsend, A.J. Johnson, Champ Davis and Scott Chandler.

Iowa won the coin toss and chose to kick off. It was just the second time in 47 games that it started on defense.

Since the start of the 2002 season, MSU was just the second team to have not turned the ball over against Iowa. USC was the other.

Since the start of the 2001 season, only four teams avoided turning it over against the Hawkeyes. They lost three - MSU, USC and Wisconsin in '01. They beat Indiana in '01.


Kirk Ferentz on if he saw any indications that this would happen to his team:

No I didn't. I thought we had a pretty good week of practice. We discussed that early in the week. I don't know if we had an edge out there today, but I don't think I could say that I saw it coming. I thought we were ready to go.

Nathan Chandler on where he felt he struggled in Saturday's game:

Just as far as leadership. We looked bad trying to move the ball in the end of the game. We couldn't get the ball past the 50. And that's right on the quarterback. We've got to regroup. In that time of the game, we need to come and execute every play.

Grant Steen on what the Hawkeyes need to do to bounce back against Michigan:

Seniors, it's on our backs to step up and carry this team. We have to erase it from our memories after (Sunday) night and we have to get after Michigan. It's tough. It makes you sick. But it's something that you've got to live with. It's going to make us better in the long run.

Brian Ferentz on the MSU game challenging the confidence of the Hawkeyes:

I don't think so. You look at any game that you lose, and it's going to hurt tonight. I'm going to let it hurt tonight. It should. You don't savor that kind of feeling, but you feel it. You have to if you're a competitor. You look at last year. That game we lost, it was a big game. I remember it hurt. And to be honest with you, that game hurt all week. It hurt until we started the Big Ten season. We're going to let this one hurt tonight, and then tomorrow we're going to go back to work. There's seven ball games left to play. The Big Ten is still wide open. We're ready for that challenge.

MSU DT Kevin Vickerson on why the Spartans were so emotionally high for Iowa:

That's what it is, it's a statement game. Last year at their place, they pounded us. But this year, it was our turn to return the favor and do what we need to do and play how we know how to play.

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