The Rob Report: Michigan

This standard feature will recount the week that was in Iowa football. HTO Senior Writer Rob Howe will bring premium members inside the Hawkeyes' camp with on-site observations from the game, injury updates, top quotes from the week and other interesting tidbits from behind the scenes.


Albert Young (knee) - The true freshman from NJ did not play on Saturday, but he was dressed for the first time since suffering a knee injury in the preseason. He participated in pregame warmups and too the next step towards game action.

David Walker (knee) - Walker also dressed and participated in pregame warmups. He stood next to O-Line coach Reese Morgan on the first few series but never got the go-ahead to get on the field. Look for the sophomore to return in two weeks against Ohio State.

Ed Hinkel (groin) - Did not dress. Coach Ferentz said that his sophomore us getting closer to a return. Likely to be back in the lineup at Columbus.

Mo Brown (foot) - The super wideout was not dressed Saturday, but he roamed the sideline without a protective boot for the first time since surgery after the ISU game. The first projection was for Mo to return for OSU. We should get more information in the next two weeks if that will hold true.

Jovon Johnson (ankle) - The second-year corner left the game in the second quarter of Saturday's contest with an ankle injury as it was announced in the press box. He showed up to the postgame press conference in a bright red suit and a boot on his left leg. He thinks he will be ready for Ohio State. He has took weeks to get better.

Ma'Quan Dawkins (knee) - Could be the most serious of Saturday's bumps and bruises. The sophomore from NJ had his knee buckle under him while trying to change direction and make a tackle on Michigan RB Chris Perry. Dawkins lay on the field for several minutes while head trainer Ed Crowley gave the knee the ACL test. Dawkins had to be helped off of the field. It was announced as a sprained knee, but we should have more information by Tuesday.

Bob Sanders (foot) - The senior SS limped off of the field again late in Saturday's game much like he did a week earlier at Michigan State. He said that he was fine in the postgame, and seemed relieved that he made it through the game against Michigan. For a second straight week, Bob sat down during the press conference. But I would expect to see him fired up and ready to go against the Buckeyes.

Jared Clauss (left arm) - It looked like the DT got his arm crunched in a pile up, and he held it as he came off of the field. This could be a nagging injury that started in the ISU game, but it hasn't slowed him down. Asked how he felt and if he would ready for the game in Columbus, the senior just smiled.

Champ Davis (ankle) - Davis did not dress and was not visible on the sideline, although I could have missed him. The true FR FB did not play after Ferentz said earlier in the week that he should be ready to go. We will get more information on his condition by Tuesday.

Jermelle Lewis (knee) - The junior RB did not dress and was not visible on the sideline. Again, I could have missed him. Ferentz said earlier in the week that he's made excellent progess in returning from the torn ACL. We should get a better indication over the next two weeks if he's well enough to return to action.

Howard Hodges (?) - Ran into the locker room in the first quarter, but came back to start the second quarter. This could have been an equipment problem.

Sean Considine (left shoulder) - Wore ice on his left shoulder during the postgame press conference.

Matt Neubauer (shoulder) - Came of the field in pain, holding the shoulder in the second quarter. But he played through the rest of the game.


True freshman Tyler Fanucchi, a WR from California, dressed for the first time this season but did not see action. He has been bothered by injuries throughout camp and the early part of the season.

Other true freshmen with redshirts that took in the game from the sidelines - Chris Brevi, Tom Busch, George Eshareturi, Herb Grigsby, Clint Huntrods, Kenny Iwebema, Mike Jones, Mike Klinkenborg, Khaliq Price, Alex Willcox, Albert Young and Jonathan Zanders. I did not see Mike Humpal, but I might have missed him.

DB coach Phil Parker yelled at CB Jovon Johnson as he came off the field following a long first-down pass in the first quarter. Parker later got into Sean Considine after the FS gambled and missed on a big Michigan pass play that ended up as a field goal.

The crowd broke into a loud boo following Iowa's third series.

A long pass play to true FR Eric McCollom was wiped out by an illegal man down field penalty. LT Robert Gallery appeared to be the guilty party.

Head Coach Kirk Ferentz was right there to congratulate Calvin Davis after the FR WR got decleated by all-world Michigan DB Marlin Jackson. KF got right into Davis' facemask to acknowledge the toughness of his young player.

Backup running back Marcus Schnoor delivered a great block on a linebacker during Ramon Ochoa's long punt return in the second quarter.

Legendary Coach Hayden Fry walked along the wall of the student section, shaking hands after being honored at halftime.

2002 Heisman Trophy runner up Brad Banks took in the game from the sidelines. He, Fry and Tom Arnold all took part in the postgame locker room celebration. Hayden spend time signing autographs for the Hawkeyes.

Before a Fred Russell run to the Michigan 1-yard line, you could hear the Wolverine coaches in the press box cursing at their defensive alignment.

Adolphus Shelton was whistled for the clip during Ochoa's punt return with about nine and a half minutes to play in the game.

Hodges overran Mich QB John Navarre, giving him time to find Edwards on the late TD pass.

Ferentz made a special point to congratulate Ochoa and defensive coordinator Norm Parker during the closing minutes of the game. He had his arm around each man and was smiling and laughing.


K Nate Kaeding on where the Michigan victory ranks in his Iowa career - It's up there. I can't think of one that's bigger, especially in the regular season. I grew up in Coralville on Saturday's listening to Keith Jackson and Brent Musberger and those guys doing games on ABC. Going into this game I took a couple of minutes to realize just how special this really was. This is really just an opportunity to live my dream as a little kid. I can't tell you how big this is in my career to have a performance like this in this kind of situation.

LT Robert Gallery on if Iowa should be mentioned in the same class as Michigan - I don't think anybody will ever say that. But we as a team believe we are. We believe that we can play with anybody. Michigan is known for a great program and tradition and all of that. But we're building that here and we believe if we do things right we can beat any team in the country.

QB Nathan Chandler on when he realized the offense was clicking - During the week in practice. We worked to hard during the week to just give up when we got down 14 points. We weren't going to just lay down for them. We got down 14-0. We stayed with the game plan. We just kept chugging away and it worked out for us.

SS Bob Sanders on if the Hawkeyes are respected - Somewhat. But I think this game no one gave us a chance. Everybody pretty much said that we weren't going to win. They chose Michigan to beat us. But we expected that. It's just a better feeling when people feel that way because then you go in and show them you can do the job.

Coach Kirk Ferentz on if having Hayden Fry at Saturday's game made it more special - Oh, no question about that. It's so, so special to have him here for the entire week. Special to our team. Special to our fans. And it was great to have him up in the locker room. That was a great moment. I think he just gave out about 95 autographs. somewhere in that neighborhood. Every player wanted their program signed today. We're going to get a nice game ball painted up and that's going to go out special express to Mesquite, (Nevada - Fry's home). he has meant so much to this program. It' so obvious that I'm stating that. But to have him here on a day like this, you couldn't write a better script.

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