Recruiting The Sunshine State

Ever since Coach Ferentz stepped foot into the Jacobsen Building, there has been an ongoing emergence of recruiting in Florida. That Florida presence is very alive with 17 players on the team now originating from the Sunshine state. Who is Iowa taking the hardest look at this time around???

Last week, broke the story on Iowa's involvement with LB Edmond Miles and yesterday we broke the story on DE Steve Cassell setting a visit to Iowa. Both of these players hail from the Sunshine state, and they aren't even close to the number of national recruits we are involved with from Florida.

Right now, the names popping out the most are QB Gavin Dickey and LB Buster Davis. We are in Gavin's top five at this moment and have a great chance at landing a visit. Gavin will know once he arrives in Iowa City that any quarterback in this class should feel special to choose Iowa for not only playing time, but also taking over a surging program.

Buster Davis, DB Fabian Washington, and DB Leon Washington are all players being recruited nationally that Iowa is working very hard to get. The staff has also set its attention on DB Devin Hester, ranked as the #1 CB in Florida by many analysts. Its uncertain how much mutual interest there is at this time, but Coach Bielema is doing a very good job.

Other names to keep an eye out for include: QB Chris Davis, WR Nate Salley, LB Mike Gulla, LB Craig Lloyd, and DE John Wilson. We likely haven't heard of some names now that we'll know about in December. So this list could expand once official visits start.

One other thing I'd like to point out is that while Coach Bielema has been the man starting this frenzy down in Florida, Coach (Phil) Parker has also been doing a great job. He has really hit the Southern part of Florida really hard and it the main recruiter for Buster Davis and Steve Cassell. Last year, he landed a DB we'll all be excited about in the future, Antwan Allen. Believe me when I say its a staff effort when it comes to recruiting!!!!

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