Carbon Copy Game 9: Ferentz's Opening Statements

In his opening remarks at this week's press conference, Kirk Ferentz addresses the injury situation, something that has become all too familiar for Iowa fans this year. But there is some good news, as it sounds like Mo Brown may return in a limited role this week.

Captains: Chris Smith, who has done a great job on special teams and also filling in for Bob Sanders. We will follow that up with Bob and Howard (Hodges) on defense and Robert Gallery and Fred Russell on offense."

"Injury front right now, it's a little bit early to say on some of these guys. Grant Steen and Jared Clauss were injured during the game. I think they both have a chance to play, with Grant having a better chance than Jared at this point, but I think that it is probably going to be later in the week before we know that."

"There are some guys that missed the game the other day that are still in limbo: Erik Jensen, George Lewis, Jermelle and Ed Hinkel. All of those guys in that group have a chance to play, but I don't know if it is a good chance, a fair chance or what."

"On a positive note, it looks like Mo Brown will be able to get his feet wet like I mentioned on Saturday. I think he improved at the end of last week. He worked a bit on Sunday and we plan on phasing him into it this week. If the week goes well, he will play a little bit on Saturday. Not many snaps, but at least get him going and hopefully from that point on things will work forward."

"Two guys that are out for sure are James Townsend who has a stress fracture in one of his feet. We are probably not going to have him for a couple of weeks but I think he has a chance to be back by the tail end of the season. And Eric McCollom, who basically hasn't done anything in three weeks for us. At this point, we are looking at redshirting him, as he has not been able to perform in practice. So that is probably what we are going to do there."

"Last week was a good win for us. I am very happy about that. We made a lot of positive steps forward, but we still have some things to work on, improve upon and get cleaned up. I was not real happy about the penalty situation and I was not real happy about the turnovers, either."

"But I think overall, we made some strides and we needed to. I am looking forward to this game."

"When you look at Illinois, they have experienced some of the same problems that we have. They have been decimated by a lot of injuries at a lot of positions. That is a tough situation. We are going to play a good football team. Not to speak for them, but they come in here with more inexperienced guys than you would like to have. The bottom line is that they are playing hard and their players are like our players in that they want to win."

"When you look back to last year, they really came on during the last part of the season. I think they were 4-2 in their last six ball games after getting off to a tough start. They got it going again. It is a team that we have not beaten yet since we have been back here, so that gives us something shoot for, too."

"We are looking forward to the week. Hopefully we will have a great week of preparation and go into the game ready to play. That is certainly our goal at this point."

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