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<p>Welcome to HawkeyeNation.com! We are glad that you made it here and we hope that you enjoy what you see here. It's black and gold coverage from wall to wall and a gathering of thousands of Iowa fans from all over the world on our message boards where the fans interact. We have compiled a few navigational tips for those of you that might be new to this website.

First of all, get acquainted with the ‘Control Panel' at the top of this and every web page that loads on this site.

The Control Panel has the Hawkeyenation.com logo in the upper left.

If you ever want to go to the front page of this website, just click on the Hawkeyenation.com logo and you will be there.

To the right of the logo is what is called ‘Hot News' items. The players and blurbs that are listed there have an Iowa interest of some kind.

Some of those news items will be about former Hawkeyes in the NFL but most of them will be about recruits that list Iowa among their favorites. To read these items, you must be a website subscriber.

There is always at least a five-day free trial membership that you can take advantage of, and you can access that information just above the Hot News items at the top middle of this and every web page by clicking on where it says ‘5-Day Free Trial'.

To the right of the Hot News section on the control panel at the top of this and every web page on this site is a graphic of a man with a megaphone and links that say ‘Fan Interaction: Message Boards/Chat Rooms'.

That takes you to the area where Iowa fans from around the world gather together and simply talk about the Hawkeyes the way that we do in the barber shops and cafes around the state of Iowa...think of it as a virtual barber shop if you will, where the patrons are chewing the fat on issues related to the Hawkeyes. Again, the link to the message boards is in the upper right corner of every page you will see.

Click Here for a comprehensive explanation of how to navigate this site and get the most out of your HawkeyeNation.com experience.

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