Hawks Talk Part One

In part one of our weekly 'Hawks Talk' post-game segment, read the comments from Chad Greeway, Calvin Davis, Robert Gallery and Bob Sanders. "Every week, I say "I'm going to get a pick. I'm going to take it to the house." I want to score. I want to score real bad. It was something I was excited about today." --Bob Sanders.


Was it good to see Kevin Worthy get out there with you guys?

Definitely. It was great to see him get a chance. Obviously he was starting last year, and it didn't work out for him this year. But we love to see him out there. We wish he could be out there with us all of the time. He played good today.

How impressed are you by his ability to change positions that fast?

That's incredible. He learned it in a week.

Were you disappointed that you guys weren't able to nail down the shutout?

We're not disappointed. We were able to play a lot of people. That's more important for the future and later on this year. The next man in thing doesn't work unless guys get some experience. This is a positive thing because they're out there playing.

Do you feel like you guys built off of the Penn State game with this performance?

I think we have some momentum going into November. Hopefully we can keep it rolling here. We got that first win in November. We've got three more to come. Hopefully we can finish strong.

This is the time to make hay if you want to be in the Big Ten race, right?

This is the time. There's no better time than now. We've got to win out to be in contention. Nobody can lose three games and win the Big Ten. We have to win out and just hope things can happen for us.


What does it mean to get guys like Mo and Jermelle back on this offense?

It's always great to get key players back for us. We had some key guys out on defense, but other guys stepped in and did a great job. We keep working to get everybody back, and it's always going to help us with having Mo out there. Jermelle is another weapon.

How would evaluate the Illinois defensive line?

They played hard. We just got some big plays on them. I don't think they gave up. They were playing hard. We just had a good game plan, and we executed it pretty well. We were lucky enough to get a lot of yards on it.

What happen with your elbow? Was it just a hyper-extension?

It's fine. I just tweaked it a little bit. No big deal. I'll be ready to go here for practice tomorrow.

What does it mean to get Fred over 1,000 yards again?

It's great. We've been working for that. We always want to have the run game working. To get him that mark here at home is great, especially nine games into the year. It's great for him, and I'm just glad to see as a line we're getting some things going.


What's this like out here, a hometown guy, making plays like you've been making?

It's fun coming out knowing that a lot of people are up in the stands that watched me since I was playing in junior high and high school. It just feels good out there wearing the black and gold being from here.

What are you doing better now?

Technique wise, I'm learning. I'm going out there and trying to make plays and being confident.

With Mo and Ed coming back, did you feel like you needed to prove yourself to keep yourself in the rotation?

Not so much. I know those guys are going to be in there regardless. Someone like Mo, he's going to be on the field. You know that. I just want to contribute and keep making plays.


The last time you played a wide-open offense, Michigan State kind of exploited your secondary. Will a game like this prepare you for Purdue?

Yeah. We have to be prepared. We know because we had a chance to play them last year, and we know what they're going to do. It's all about how you practice during the week and how you prepare. As long as we do that, I think we've got a real good chance.

Did you get a chance to see Robert lay a couple of blocks?

That one block that he made was awesome. Robert is just a talented guy. I wish him the best. He's been doing a great job as far was leadership this year.

Has he ever done that to you in practice?

Oh no. We never get a chance to go up against each other.

Is that the first touchdown you've scored?


Is that exciting to you?

Oh yeah. Every week, I say "I'm going to get a pick. I'm going to take it to the house." I want to score. I want to score real bad. It was something I was excited about today. I got a good opportunity to score and put some points on the board.

Was there time for anything to go through your mind?

I was like, "I can't drop this thing." There was no one around who was going to stop me from scoring if I kept the ball in my hands.

What did you think on Roth's sack where he gave the guy a hockey check?

It was just a spark for our defense. It gets all of us ready and hyped and just makes everyone want to make a big play. We go out and that's what we want. We want to be physical. We want to be tough. We want to be known as a hard-nosed defense. We've been doing a good job with that so far.

Have you ever seen him do the dust-off routine?

No. I've never seen him do it.

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