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HawkeyeNation gives premium members an inside view as Senior Writer Rob Howe brings you into the press box for news, views and observations from Iowa's 41-10 victory against Illinois on Saturday at Kinnick Stadium.


Jared Clauss and Grant Steen: The two seniors dressed in street clothes on Saturday after hurting their ankles against Penn State a weel earlier. Coach Ferentz said that both players have a good chance of being ready for action in West Lafayette.

Robert Gallery: Hyper-extended his right elbow on Saturday. He said he would be ready to practice tomorrow (Sunday). Expect him to be in the lineup against Purdue.

Ramon Ochoa: Left the game twice - Once with a limp, the other time holding his right arm. He returned both times and would appear a lock to be ready for next Saturday.


I always thought that the term "decleating someone" was an exaggeration. Then I actually saw Gallery do it to Illinois freshman DB Alan Ball. Gallery flattened him on a screen pass for the second time in the game and the kid lost his cleat. He played the next play with one shoe because he didn't have time to put the other one back on. It was one of the most incredibly dominant blocks I've ever seen.

There were not as many true freshmen on scholarship dressed on Saturday. Here were the ones that I noticed other than the ones that play: Young, Zanders, Brevi, Busch, Mattison, Klinkenborg, Eshareturi, Willcox, Grigsby and Fanucchi. Some other guys that were in uniform: DB Brock Ita and Qb James Ryan.

True freshmen Eric McCollom, A.J. Johnson and James Townsend were not on the sideline Saturday. McCollom and Townsend have been injured. We'll try to find out more on A.J. as soon as we can. Ben Cronin also was not on the sideline.

The Sun Bowl was the only one in attendance on Saturday. It obviously was not there to view Illinois.

Kody Asmus delivered the bad snap on Nate Kaeding's second field goal attempt. Asmus was filling in for the injured Grant Steen.

Coach Ferentz was not happy with Matt Roth's post-sack routine of dusting himself off. Ferentz immediately started yelling onto the field at Roth and could be seen pointing both index fingers to his temples as if to say "think." He then read the riot act to the junior when he came back to the sideline.

Marcus Paschal played a lot of CB in the fourth quarter. He replaced Antwan Allen, and might have moved into the No. 3 spot at the position.

Starting DTs Derreck Robinson and Matt Neubauer were pulled early in the fourth quarter and replaced by Jory Helms and Tyler Luebke.

Iowa went to a couple of different offensive line looks in the fourth quarter. The Hawkeyes started the period with Lee Gray (LT), Mike Jones (LG), Eric Rothwell (C), David Walker (RG) and Pete McMahon (RT). They finished up with Gray (LT), Blake Larsen (LG), Mike Elgin (C), Kory Borchers (RG) and Brian Meidlinger (RT).


Kirk Ferentz explaining how he caught backup QB Drew Tate making fun of offensive coordinator Ken O'Keefe:

I think I also caught him making a light remark about Coach O'Keefe. Ken got nailed on the sidelines somewhere in the third quarter, I guess. I just happened to be by Drew. He said "Hey, O'Keefe got nailed." I said "I heard that Tate." (laughter) He had no idea I was standing right behind him. So, he got busted on that one. (laughter)

Tate explaining why he made fun of O'Keefe:

We were on the sidelines during either a kickoff or a punt, and Coach O'Keefe was trying to tell somebody to do something and somebody just came up and nailed him. He was out. And I thought that was kind of funny.

DE Matt Roth explaining his sack celebration:

It's hard when you make a big play and there's 70,000 fans screaming. You just get caught up in the moment. But when you are celebrating, you can't get a penalty. You have to be smart about it.

DE Howard Hodges on Roth's post-sack festivities:

You just don't know what Matt Roth is going to do. He's got that little flex man that he does. Today, he was taking the dirt off of himself. So, he's a fun guy to watch and a fun guy to be playing with.

QB Nathan Chandler on what it means to have Mo Brown back?

He's a guy that you can count on to be open, any play, any coverage. When you make your reads, you pretty much know that Mo is going to get open for you. It's a great thing to know when you're dropping back.

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