Hawks Talk: Mike Henderson and Jared Reiner

After 20 practices, the Hawkeyes are ready to play someone other than themsleves.



How did you get hurt?

Towards the end of the Black and Gold game, I got a really deep bruise on the inside of my left knee.

How is this going to slow down your progress?

I'm not too sure if I'm playing tomorrow because I'm still trying to get good rotation in my leg. It slows me down from running a lot. I've been trying to play through it in a couple of practices, but for the most part it's not really progressing too fast.

Do you want to play tomorrow?

Yeah. I definitely want to play tomorrow. But I don't think coach would want to put me out there going only about 75 percent. I just think that would be a bad way for me to start off.

Does it hurt to walk on it?

This morning it was really rough, but the other morning I woke up feeling pretty good and then it would get bad later after practice. I've been getting treatment every day and it's making a little bit of progress. I had this injury before in high school. It seemed to heal faster than this one is going.

Is it frustrating to get set back like this?

Definitely. I really looked forward to this season coming in. It feels like a setback coming into this season. They're throwing in new things every day and I'm not really not able to pick up on things as fast as I was because of how I'm running.

Have they given you an indication when you will be back to where you were before the injury?

I think sometime within this week I might get back fine. I think by (Sunday) I should be OK.


What do you guys want to get out of this first exhibition game?

It's going to be good for us. We're excited to start playing against some other people. We've been playing against each other now for over 20 practices. We're getting tired of seeing everybody on our team. It's going to be good to beat up on somebody else.

Coach Alford said some teeth were lost in practice. Are all of yours in there?

Yeah. I still have got my beautiful smile, (laughter) but a couple of other guys lost some of theirs the other day in practice. We've been playing pretty hard every day in practice. Some people are getting banged up. We're just ready to start banging some other people.

Who lost teeth?

Glen did. He lost one in the front.

Did you do it

I think he ran into Mikey's head. Mikey's got a pretty tough head I guess.

Has it been more physical than it has in the past couple of years?

We have great chemistry and we push each other so hard every day in practice. It's really physical. We really enjoy that competition. The coaches are doing a great job making us compete and work hard every day in practice. Our intensity has been really high and we've been really focused.

Have you been getting everything out of this preseason that you wanted to?

Yeah. Definitely. We're all coming in in great shape. We have no major injuries. Everybody is ready to play. The young guys and the new guys are starting to learn the offense and feel more comfortable. I think us four seniors are helping the younger guys, and I think we're ready to go.

Why are you a better rebounder?

It helps not having Reggie. (laughter) He would steal them from us once in a while. It makes it easier on us now. There's more rebounds for us to get.

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