The Doctor's Dynamic Duo adapt to Mr. Dapper

Duez Henderson and Rod Thompson are the lone holdovers from the Doctor Tom Davis era at Iowa. At media day, I had the opportunity to discuss with them the different experiences they have had in their careers at Iowa. It has definitely been four years of changes for them.

Duez Henderson has had a long summer with Bill Maxwell, the UI Basketball Strength & Conditioning Coach. Duez looks RIPPED. Still possessing a whisper thin waistline, Duez has added 12 pounds of muscle during the off-season. He's added a pair of guns, broadened his shoulders and thickened his chest. Henderson said that he is ready to go out with a bang in his senior season. "I know my role with this team. Reggie and Luke are the scorers. I will play off the All-American pair. My job is to pass the ball, rebound and play great defense," said Duez.

When I asked Duez the difference between Dr. Tom and Steve Alford he responded, "It's their mentality. Dr. Tom was articulate and laid back, while Steve is articulate and in your face all the time. Steve expects your best 24/7. He has created a buzz about Iowa basketball. Just look at all the students in the Hawks Nest", he added.

Fellow Senior Rod Thompson echoed some of Duez's thoughts. He said the difference between Dr. Tom and Steve Alford is INTENSITY. "Steve is in your face all day and all night," added Rod. "He expects more than Dr. Tom did. Steve wants you to wear the Black and Gold with pride at all times."

Rod has been somewhat ailing from an injury from last season. He knows that he is not in shape yet. "I have to heal, then become cut and get physical. I have to have patience in my final year"

This dynamic duo from the Doctor Davis era are fine representatives of the University. They have adapted to and like the new style of Iowa basketball. Look for this pair to do whatever it takes to reach new heights for Iowa basketball this year!

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