Iowa Basketabll: Inside the Numbers

In this installment of 'Inside the Numbers', we take a look a the assist pace that Jeff Horner is on to start the season. Does he have a shot at Andre Woolridge's 193, which is the Iowa single season record? We also look at the blistering field goal percentage that Greg Brunner has put up this year, plus a few more bits and pieces.

It's hard to believe that the regular season for the Iowa Men's basketball team is 18.518% of the way completed, but it is.

And on that stat to the thousandth percentage, we offer you a look ‘Inside the Numbers'.

Jeff Horner is off to a great start this year. No, he is not averaging double figures and his three-point shooting percentage is worse than it was last year, but through five games, Horner has 30 assists to just 9 turnovers playing a team-high 34.8 minutes per game.

That is an assist to turnover ratio of 3.3 to 1.00. In case you are new to basketball, that is good. That start puts Horner on a pace to get 162 assists in 27 games. Factor in two games in the Big Ten tourney and two more post season games just for the sake of argument, and he is on a pace for 186 assists. The school record for assists in a season is 193 by Andre Woolridge. Woolridge also has seasons where he dished out 192 and 190 assists. Woolridge is the all-time assists leader in Iowa History with 575. I think it's safe to say that Horner has a shot at both the single-season and career records for assists.

Believe it or not, this team is shooting the ball better from three-point range this year. They are hitting 37.9% of their three's, compared to less than 30% last year. Some might say that Brody Boyd is the reason for that. If you take away Brody's numbers, this team is still making 35% from three.

At the start of the year, if someone would have come to me and said that they would give Iowa 35% from three on the year, I would have taken in and ran.

What I don't like is that Iowa is averaging 13.2 three-point shot attempts per game. I would like to see that down to around eight or nine per game. Boyd is averaging 5.2 three's per game by himself.

On Friday night against Eastern Washington, Brody threw up some prayers that did not get answered. However, those were the same prayers that were answered against Louisville. He just has to be more patient and understand that this offense works inside-out.

Iowa does not provide an official stat on points in the paint, or shot attempts in the paint, but that is clearly where they are making their hay.

Speaking of points in the paint, Greg Brunner is making 73.3% of his field goal attempts. The single season record is 62.3% by Les Jepsen in 1990. Big Les hit 155 of 249 shots. Through five games, Brunner has made 33 of 45 shots. I doubt that he takes as many shots as Jepsen did in 1990, but Brunner has that certain something that is hard to put your finger on. He is out of the mold of fan favorites of the past: Jess Settles and Chris Street.

This Iowa team is +17.6 in scoring margin and +16.2 in rebounding margin. They are also averaging 21.2 assists per game. Those are good numbers.

The Hawks Nest student section is averaging 14.4 students per game. That is a bad number.

I am only half joking, but come on, students. You can ride the cambus to the games and you get the cheapest ducats in the joint. Show up.

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