Recruiting Potpurri: Udates from Weekend Visitors

<p>This time of year, Sunday night and Monday morning are the days that ‘recruitnik's' live for. and The Insider's Josh Clark was busy working the phone lines on Sunday and filed reports on Charles Godfrey and Nii Ajdei Oninku who were in Iowa City this weekend, in addition to a follow up with Chris Vaughn who was at Boston College this weekend. We also have an update on Jeremy Zuttah in this comprehensive recruiting update.

Iowa struck big last year with the signature of Baytown quarterback Drew Tate, and now are looking to do so on the opposite side of the spectrum with cornerback Charles Godfrey.

"I loved my visit to Iowa," said Godfrey. "I just felt real at home there. I really like the coaches and overall atmosphere at the school. I was shown a real good time, and meet a lot of great people. Iowa is my current favorite."

Godfrey was hosted by Hawkeye cornerback Jovon Johnson.

One visit remains for Charles before he makes his decision.

"I'm going to visit Missouri this weekend to check them out, and see what they have to offer. I have a few questions for them to answer, and then hopefully I'll have enough to make my decision."

Josh Clark

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Nii Adjei Oninku made his second official visit this past weekend to the Iowa Hawkeyes.

"I loved everything about my visit," said Oninku, whom was hosted by Kenneth Iwebema. "I was really impressed with how Coach Ferentz runs his program. From conducting practices to anything else, he is all business. I had an excellent trip, and really could not look back at anything negatively."

Oninku has one visit remaining, and then will make a decision. Right now, it appears two teams stand at the top.

"I officially visited Pittsburgh over Thanksgiving weekend, and the visit was even with Iowa. It is just that Pitt has a bigger city, but as long as I'm not living in a small town then there isn't much of a difference. I'm still going to take a visit to Michigan State this weekend, and then I will choose where I felt the most comfortable and where I can make the most impact."

Josh Clark

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Chris Vaughn made his second official visit to his co-leader, Boston College, and now is able to compare both visits to his leaders.

"Boston College was a good visit," said Vaughn. "They have a need for wide receivers, and it is close to home. Plus, they are moving to the ACC, and will play against some bigger competition. They pulled even with Iowa right now, and I have a hard decision to make."

There is one other school that will attempt to stand in the way this coming weekend.

"I'm scheduled to visit Michigan State this weekend, and I'm not sure what I will do after that. I'm looking forward to East Lansing, though, as I've heard good things from people."

Josh Clark

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Offensive lineman Jeremy Zuttah was one of several players in attendance this weekend at Ohio State, and things went well.

"I just got back," he said. "It went real well. The campus is huge. That impressed me."

Jeremy was impressed with the team unity as well as the academic facilities.

"The team was really together," he said. "It seemed like a family. The business program had very impressive facilities. It was pretty amazing. Marcus Green was my host."

The Buckeyes did not specify exactly where he would play.

"They did not say where they want me to play," he said. "Come and see where I fit in. That is what I was told. I play tackle in high school."

What got him interested in OSU?

"I got interested in Ohio State because of the tradition and that they really came after me and now I know how much they need offensive linemen," he said.

OSU is the first of four visits for Jeremy.

"I know where my other four visits will be," he said. 'I have already set Iowa and Maryland.

"My parents want me to stay close to home but they say it is my decision."

by Duane Long

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