Hawks Talk: Ramon Ochoa and Mo Brown

Mo Brown was supposed to have had the all American season, the year where NFL scouts would stand and take note. At the time he hurt his ankle in the 2nd quarter against Iowa State in the second game of the season, Brown had seven catches for 134 yards and two touchdowns in just three quarters of action. Brown would miss the next several games because of that ankle injury. In steps Ramon Ochoa, who would lead the team in catches, receiving yards, all-purpose yards and touchdowns.


Are you guys eager to get into that game week flow?

Yeah. Right now, it's finals week. You're not really in your stride. Once you get into your stride, I think Saturday we start getting going; we'll be all right. Last year, we had more guys away. Brad was at the Heisman. We had some obstacles. This year, we're all together. We're going to get going and try to perform well in Florida.

Has your senior season worked out as you had hoped?

Better. You think of things that you want to do. You set goals. Thank God, I reached my goals. Obviously, my goals weren't has high as (my statistics) ended up being. But, it was a great run. I was just happy that I had an opportunity to do it.

You never want to see anybody get injured, but how critical was it just to be given a chance?

It's part of the game. And you don't want anything like (injuries to open the door). Just like they say, I was the next man in and all of that. It was just an opportunity to get in. I was prepared like a starter. I just had my chance.

Does Iowa have a place in your heart or are you still a California guy?

No. No. Iowa will always have a special place in my heart. That's five years of my life I've just enjoyed. I've met good people. It's been wonderful to be here and be part of the Hawkeyes with Coach Ferentz and all of these guys I have a relationship with.

Are there any regrets or things you would change to get on the field sooner?

If I could have played every year, then fine. But I made my decision on coming here because I was going to get a degree, which I'll get on Saturday. Second of all, I do play. That's the bonus. Yeah, I wanted to play earlier, but things didn't happen that way.

What is your degree going to be in?

I'm a Spanish major with a History minor. I'm trying to teach. (Ramon told me that he plans to return to California and teach ESL - English as a Second language - to those children back in his neighborhood that have not been as fortunate as him).


Did you guys get caught up in all of the bowl festivities last year?

Yeah. Being in Miami, the great Miami with the fancy cars and the women. It can be very distracting.

Does it wear on you being in a hotel for 8 or 10 days?

It's not that hard. It depends on what you do with your time. There are a lot of things to do, but that can happen here in Iowa City.

Did everybody agree with the change in the preparation as far as not going home for the holiday?

Yeah. Last year, everybody left for Christmas on their own. We just thought it would be better to keep the whole team together until the end of the season.

These bowls must be great for you getting to play in Miami and now the Gators?

Yeah. That's closer to my dad's house (in Naples). So, I was excited to go to Tampa this year.

Did Florida recruit you?


Did they offer a scholarship?


Does that make this a little interesting for you?

No, not really. I didn't really care. I wanted to get out of Florida. It made no difference to me.

How did Iowa enter the picture?

Coach B (Bielema), the greatest recruiter in the world. That's how they got into the picture.

Were you aware of Iowa?

I heard of Iowa. I watched a couple of games with Tim Dwight.

How are you feeling?

I'm not 100 percent, and I won't be. But I'm good enough to play.

Are you going to take a break after the season? You don't have much time to with all of the NFL business going on.

I'll just probably take like two weeks off. After that, I've got to train.

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