Arrington Makes 'Official' Visit to Iowa City

Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Washington HS) wide receiver Adrian Arrington had been hesitant to take one of his five official campus visits to nearby Iowa City. Living just 30 minutes from the Iowa campus and having made several unofficial visits, Arrington felt, at one time, that he knew what he needed to know about Iowa. But an official visit is much different than that of a day at a football game, something that Arrington and his mother found out this weekend.

Adrian Arrington is one of the finest and most heavily recruiting prep prospects to come out of the state of Iowa in the past several years.

There have been other talented players, but you can probably count on one hand the number of players from the Hawkeye State that have had offers from Michigan, UCLA and some of the other elite programs from around the nation.

The 6-4, 190-pound Arrington is considered one of the top wide receiver prospects in the nation, with a #10 ranking at that position from The Insiders.

When you have that type of ‘profile', a lot of people want to know what is on your mind. And it's also understandable that Arrington would like to ‘duck out' of the recruiting spotlight after just having taken back-to-back visits to Iowa and Michigan.

"Adrian wants some quiet time over the dead period, and has requested that he speaks with no reporters," said Norma, Adrian's mother. "He needs some time to himself to think over his decision, and I believe he could decide soon."

"He still says he will take his visit to UCLA on the 16th (of January), though. He has a hard decision just coming off visits to Iowa and Michigan."

The ‘dead period' that Norma referred to starts up today and tomorrow when prospects return home from this weekend's visit schedule and lasts through the turn of the New Year.

Coaches are not allowed to contact or visit recruits during that time frame and recruits are not allowed to visit campuses.

Arrington had been vocal during the early portion of his recruiting process, saying things that led observers to believe he might be looking to leave the state of Iowa for his college football career. He made comments about the cold weather and also said that he loved Iowa's staff and if they were at another school, the decision would be simple.

Some Iowa fans took this as a shot against the University, when in actuality it was just a young man speaking his mind and considering leaving his home area for college, something that hundreds of thousands of young men and women choose to do each and every year.

Early on in the recruiting process, Arrington also was uncertain as to whether or not he would visit Iowa in an ‘official' capacity, saying that he was quite familiar with the program and what they had to offer him.

But an official visit is different from an ‘unofficial' visit as to what coaches can and can not do with and for a prospect, which is why the Iowa coaching staff kept telling the Arrington's that he needed to come down in an official capacity and see what they had to offer.

It appears that what the Iowa coaches told the Arrington's was accurate, based on what Norma had to say on Adrian's visit.

"He had a good time. There are a lot of things that he and I learned that you just are not able to do in only making a visit for a football game. They allowed us to ask questions to the players and academic support (staff)."

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