Taking The High Rhode

During the Hoops in Heartland Tourney, I had the chance to sit down with Josh Rhodes to discuss his road trip to Iowa City for the tournament and his thoughts about becoming a Hawkeye next year. One thing for sure, Josh Rhodes will have many roads to travel in his tenure wearing a Hawkeye uniform.

While discussing traveling many roads, it was quite apparent that Josh wouldn't mind making the possible trip back to San Jose, CA for the Sweet Sixteen next year. However, in his words, "If I make that trip I only want it to mean one thing, which is ithat it leads to a FinalFour berth in the Georgia Dome."

Josh didn't have the best tournament while in Iowa City, but part of that reason was due to some sore ankles. "I'm having a little trouble with my ankles this weekend, but we've been playing a lot of games and I'm just kind of beat up. This was a long road trip to make, but I always enjoy being in Iowa City."

Josh took his official visit back during the Penn State game, and had quite an enjoyable trip. "Reggie was my host and he makes it a blast," Josh commented. "I found out personally it wasn't a lie that many girls do call his cell phone."

However, Josh still took in the events of GameNight and we both agreed that there needed to be a little more excitement added to it. "Next year, I'll definitely be ready to get in the mix, as far the dunk contest goes. I got some west coast flavor to bring."

"I didn't play in big AAU tournaments this year, but that was because I didn't feel I needed to earn any scholarships. I knew I felt comfortable at Iowa, and I knew the coaches had trust in my game. I don't care about rankings at this time, I'll just go out to make my point come next season. It should be a lot of fun."

Often, many California prospects would likely stay in the Pac10, however, Josh decided to take a different path. That path definitely would have to be considered taking the high rhode!!!

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