Halloween Horror from the Big House

Although very unlikely given his history in Iowa City and his Hawk affiliations, my friend is a closet Wolverine. Now that doesn't mean that he won't be cheering for the Hawks on Saturday. However, on all other days, he secretly cheers for the Maize and Blue.

How does an Iowa fan get to become a closet Wolverine? Big Blue apparel and Black and Gold duds should not be worn by the same person.

"It started innocently enough. I was dating a former Ohio State cheerleader. When she had a party at her house in New York to view the annual OSU-Michigan game, I showed up in a navy sweatshirt with a yellow block M. This was all intended to be good fun. The Buckeyes laughed but were not thrilled that an interloper was in their presence. Especially, when Anthony Carter took one to the house. Naturally, I had to applaud this magnificent effort. Needless to say the long distance relationship with the Buckeye Belle was ill-fated. However, the cast had been set"

My friend repeated the story to several Hawkeye fans thinking that it was very funny that he had pimped all those boring Buckeyes. However, the shoe would soon be on the other foot as certain friends told then current staff members Kirk Ferentz and Barry Alvarez of the "defection" of the Hawkeye booster. Therefore, long before the current rage of TV shows featuring double agents, my friend was labeled as such by Kirk, Barry and other Iowa assistants. "When occasionally having a refreshment with the Iowa coaches there was a lot of kidding about Big Blue being my true love."

"After Barry left to join Lou Holtz's staff at Notre Dame, a business trip took me to Ann Arbor. The account I was calling on happened to be the neighbor of, you guessed it, Bo himself. Since my friend knew the story he had related it to Bo. Therefore, not only did I meet the main Michigan man, but I received one of their prized helmets as well. Naturally, Bo had signed the helmet."

Bo had told his Ann Arbor neighbor that he wouldn't have done this for a Buckeye, Spartan or one of those cheatin' Illini(his words). However, Bo added that he liked Hayden and that he ran a good clean program.

The next year my friend was in Seattle for the Final Four, sitting in the Michigan section, cheering for Rumeal Robinson, Loy Vaught, Glen Rice, Sean Higgins & co. as they won the NCAA title. On the day of the title game, he had sat in a bar at the hotel with Bill Walton singing, "Hail to the Victors!" Naturally, more than a few Redhooks (a local beer)had been consumed.

After Barry Alvarez became the head coach at Wisconsin, my friend visited Barry at the hotel the night before the Iowa game. "Sean Astin, (Rudy) was just leaving the room as I arrived. Barry and Dan both kidded me that they were sorry that they had beaten "my boys" the previous weekend in Ann Arbor."

After being an Iowa fan all his life, my friend was labeled because he had worn one Michigan sweatshirt. Reminds me of a joke, but I can't tell it on this family board. Therefore, this Halloween, and at all other times, be careful about what you wear. You too could become something, shall we say, DIFFERENT.

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