Classic Keady: Boilers Coach Always Entertaining

He didn't talk for a long time, but he made the most of his minutes. The always colorful Purdue coach discussed his team's shortcomings following a 71-61 loss at Iowa on Wednesday night. Enjoy.


Fire away.


Was it the lack of post play that also hurt your ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter?

The main thing was that Iowa just outcompeted us. They just outfought us. That was the bottom line. I don't know what else you could say. They battled and got the loose balls. When you get the loose balls and get more possessions, you're the team that's going to win. And their big guy just kicked out big guy's behind. We played like we were scared or no prepared or whatever. You've got to hand it to Iowa. They just played harder than we did.

They got a lot of "And Ones." Were you guys just not in position?

You've got to plug the lane and not let them have the inside stuff. Our big guys got into foul trouble in the first half and that started to make them play tentative. We've worked on moving your feet. Keep your hands up. Don't reach. Don't punch people. The referees told our captains at the start of the game that they were going to call hand checking. So, it's about like the coaching. They didn't listen to the coaching. They didn't listen to what the referees said. So, we're going to go home. If you guys want to watch us, we'll be there early in the morning at Mackey practicing. It's just ridiculous that people don't listen when you care about them. We believe in the players I think more than they believe in themselves.

Normally you don't take that many threes, do you? Do you have an explanation for that?

Yeah. Dumb. (laughter) That's dumb. What are we doing? We want to keep shooting ourself in the foot. We hadn't shot threes good all year. The two things that we said that we wanted to be was patient; don't get involved in shooting the ball quick when they go on a run. I told the players that this arena is conducive to giving a team a run because it's right down on you. It's a great basketball venue. You don't want to get caught up in that enthusiasm. And we were lucky we played here when nobody was here. (laughter) They just beat us with the players. The fans didn't have that much to do with it tonight. Usually, the fans really help them. Usually they get them going, and we start shooting the ball quick. We were doing it tonight because we don't understand how to play right.

Did your kids panic at all?

No. They don't know how to play. It's Big Ten time. You've got to play smart. They didn't panic. They were doing exactly what they wanted to do.

The huge difference from the free throw line, was that the hand check thing that you were talking about?

The referees tell you at tipoff not to hand check, I'd say don't hand check. It's not very complicated. Twenty nine fouls to 16, you've got to be smarter than that. I'll be glad to get back in school so we can get some smartness transplanted.

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