Kyle Williams Returns from Oregon

Kyle Williams braved the ice storms in the Pacific Northwest this weekend and took a visit to Oregon. Williams committed to Iowa earlier in the fall but still wanted to have something to compare to the Hawkeyes. Upon returning home from his visit, Williams said some things that all Iowa fans will be happy to hear.

Kyle Williams made his last official visit this past weekend to the Oregon Ducks, and came away still committed to Iowa.

"It was a good visit to Oregon," said Williams. "They have some nice facilities. I'm still going to Iowa, though, and I don't think there is anything that can change that."

AJ (Johnson) is actually in town right now, and I'm talking about making it over to Iowa City here pretty soon."

Williams is currently wrestling and has a record of 18-0.

"I'm down to around 215 because of wrestling, but this spring I should get back around 225. I plan to move to Iowa City this summer to start getting prepared."

The perspective with Jon Miller

There are some Iowa fans out there right now breathing a collective sigh of relief. Some folks tend to expect the worst when it comes to recruiting due to their nature.

Kyle Williams has sent more than a few Iowa fans on an emotional roller coaster ride since September and August.

From the start, the was one of the two ‘biggest fish' that Iowa had in its sights, along with C Jeff Byers. Byers chose USC over Iowa. Williams chose Iowa over a host of colleges, continuing the solid Chicago-area streak that Iowa is putting together regarding blue-chipper's from that state.

Last year, Mike Jones bucked the predictions from the experts and chose Iowa. He was ranked among the top five offensive linemen in the nation and played this year for Iowa as a true freshman.

Three years ago, Matt Roth was named the Chicago Tribune's Illinois High School Athlete of the Year and was also an ESPN first team all American.

Kyle Williams is ranked the third best linebacker in the nation by The

Williams is on the record as saying he wants to come in and play right away for Iowa, like Jones did this year. He is excited about the prospects of being shoulder to shoulder with what will be the best linebacker tandem in America next year: Chad Greenway and Abdul Hodge.

As Josh reported above, Williams hopes to be at 225-pounds by the fall. He has sub 4.5 speed in the forty and teamed with Greenway and Hodge, Iowa would have to have one of the fastest linebacking corps in the country.

Williams is slated to be a ‘Leo' or strong side backer, the same position that was vacated by Grant Steen. Steen is 6-3, 242. George Lewis appears to be the heir apparent to Steen, and he is 6-2, 236. (I have to be honest; I thought Lewis was heavier than that before I pulled out the media guide.) His best time in the 40-yard dash was a 4.6, and that was before he suffered a serious knee injury last year.

So will Williams have a shot at starting as a true freshman Leo at Iowa?

I would have to say that the odds are long because of the mental demands of that position. And that is not to say that Williams does not have what it takes mentally, because I think he does.

Perhaps not as a true freshman.

It's too bad that he didn't have one year as Steen's understudy to learn Grant's film watching discipline.

But when you are talking about one of the Top 10 or so players in the nation regardless of position, as Williams is, you can't just count him out right off hand.

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