Fla. Athlete Favors Iowa, Two Others

Pahokee (FL) High Senior Alphonso Smith helped his school win the Class 2B State Title in December by throwing for two scores and running for another. A week later, he was in Iowa City checking out what the Hawkeyes had to offer. HN.com caught up with his head coach Leroy Foster and found out the latest on this versatile football player who is receiving a lot of attention.

What type of player is Alphonso?

Leroy Foster: Honestly, he is an athlete. He's dominated games at corner, quarterback, in the slot as a receiver. He's also one of the top kick returners and punt returners in the area.

Does he have a preference?

I don't think so. I think he'll play wherever the coaches want him to to help the team.

What did he think of his Iowa visit on Dec. 19?

Honestly, I haven't talked to him about it. I've been coaching an all-star team and haven't had a lot of time. He's also playing basketball now.

Where do you think he's leaning at this point?

He's looking towards Pitt, Wake Forest and Iowa.

What does his visit schedule look like?

He set up a visit to Wake for this weekend (1-16). He just got back from Pitt (1-9). I also think he will take a visit to USF (South Florida) because they were the first to recruit him. He feels that he owes it to them. He also might take a trip to Mississippi State.

Have a lot of schools tried to jump into the recruitment of Alphonso since you guys won the state championship?

Yeah. But he's not interested in those happy-go-lucky, Johnny-come-lately schools. That's why he's interested in Wake, Pitt and Iowa. They'be been there from the beginning with USF. He takes that stuff to heart.

Have you had an contact with the Iowa coaches?

I've gotten mail and talked with Phil Parker on the phone.

What do you think about Iowa?

I just know what I see, and that's a tough team. If he goes there, he's going to have step it up.

Is distance a factor?

Not at all. He's told me he wants to go somewhere he's never been and make a name for himself.

Do you think Alphonso will take all five visits before making his decision?

He's very into this process. He goes on all of these web sites and researches things. I think he'll take his time and weigh his options. He's been adamant about taking all of his trips. If he wasn't, he probably would have committed to Pitt already. He has a tough decision. I really think Wake, Pitt and Iowa are close as his Top 3.

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