Recruiting Recap: Sean McPeak and Octavious Darby

The Iowa Hawkeyes are looking for offensive linemen and a tight end, among other positions, to fill out the 2004 recruiting class. Illinois prep Sean McPeak is waiting to hear from the Hawkeyes as to whether or not they will extend him an offer, and one of Iowa's top tight end priorities is getting closer to a decision.

The Iowa Hawkeyes have long targeted the offensive line as one of the top priorities for this recruiting season. With the Hawks poised to sign at least two more offensive linemen, Sean McPeak might be the next to be called upon.

"I haven't spoke to Iowa in a week or so, but I plan on calling them tommorrow," said McPeak. "Last time we spoke, they let me know they were still interested and asked if I was still interested."

I'm still very interested, but would like to know from them sooner than later if they are going to offer as I don't want to wait until the last minute to make a decision."

McPeak also has back-up plans already in place.

"I'm visiting Eastern Illinois this coming weekend, and I'm planning to set visits to Akron and Southwest Missouri State."

Josh Clark

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Hollywood (Fla.) Chaminade standout tight end Octavius Darby is growing tired of the recruiting process and believes he'll have a decision real soon. "I'm about done with it," Darby said. "I'm going to UM this weekend with John (Dunlap) and I'll probably verbally commit to them on my visit. I'm pretty sure that's where I'll go. It'll either be them or N.C. State."

Darby said he learned about the news of Rob Chudzinski heading to Cleveland earlier today. "That's OK," he said. "They'll find someone to replace him. They're still UM. They're gonna have good tight ends."

The talented tight end prospect said he's already preparing for college. "I quit basketball so I could start spending more time in the weight room getting ready for college," he said. "Kellen Winslow is leaving. They got Kevin Everett coming back and the transfer from Notre Dame. I guess it'll be them, me, Dane, and maybe the kid from Arizona. I wouldn't mind that at all. UM always gets their tight ends into the game."

Darby is a full academic qualifier.

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The Perspective with Jon Miller

McPeak can clearly be classified as a ‘fall back' recruit. But one thing that Kirk Ferentz and his staff have proven over the years is that the term ‘fallback' is not necessarily a bad thing.

You can look up and down the Iowa roster from this year and last year and find several ‘fallback' recruits or players that other schools did not recruit.

McPeak is another solid athlete that might be able to put on some mass while retaining his agility and mobility after a few seasons at ‘Club Doyle'.

On the tight end front, it would appear that Darby is going to stay close to home. As frustrating as offensive line recruiting has been for Iowa over the last two years, their lack of success at landing a front line tight end might be just as perplexing, what with the success of Dallas Clark and the Hawkeyes rich tradition of producing fantastic tight ends.

As Josh Clark reported earlier this week, Amos Gbunblee of Texas is planning on visiting Iowa later this month.

If the Hawkeyes do not get him to commit, look for them to possibly turn to Brandon Myers of PCM for the position.

He would not be the ‘quick fix', as he is under 210-pounds right now. But he is an outstanding Iowa prep basketball player and is a solid athlete who might be able to blossom after some time with Doyle.

But doesn't everybody?

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