Dwayne Hendricks: Still in the Process

When you get to this stage of the football recruiting process, prospects begin to 'hit the wall'. The calls are coming in each and every night, players hear different receruiting pitches, they are asked questions by analysts wanting to know the latest news and confirm the latest rumor. It's more magnified when you are one of the most sought after defensive ends in the nation. That is the case with Dwayne Hendricks. HN.com's Rob Howe caught up with Dwayne's high school coach for the latest.

Millville (NJ) High defensive standout Dwayne Hendricks canceled his official visit to Miami last week and moved it to the weekend of 1/23.

"He had a school function that he wanted to attend (last week)," Millville High Head Coach Dave Heck said Tuesday night. Heck said that Hendricks still was debating whether he would take a fifth official visit, which would likely be to Florida or Penn State. The first-team, all-state end already has visited Iowa, Virginia and Michigan.

Heck said that Iowa, Miami and Virginia appear to be the leaders.

Miami Head Coach Larry Coker was scheduled to visit Millville High on Wednesday (1/21). Iowa Assistant Darrell Wilson also was planning to drop in at the school on the same day.

"I tried to call Darrell back a little while ago," Heck said. "I left a message for him. He was in the gym watching (New Brunswick, NJ, WR) Dwayne Jarrett play a basketball game."

Heck said that he didn't expect a decision from Hendricks before the Miami visit. And that would probably determine if his senior would take a fifth official.

The Hawkeyenation.com Perspective with Jon Miller

The thought of being a highly recruited prospect seems glamorous, but after a while, the constant barrage of phone calls from coaches and recruiting analysts gets old.

It would appear that much like Adrian Arrington, Hendricks has hit the recruiting 'wall'.

Some coaches come in and tell you that they desperately need you in their program and that you are going to be a star for them.

Some coaches use different tactics. In covering Iowa football recruiting during the entire Kirk Ferentz era at Iowa, the common themes that I have heard from players, parents and high school coaches is that the Iowa staff does not put pressure on the kids and they have the feeling that Kirk and his staff tells it like it is.

There are no promises of glory, just a promise of an opportunity to show them what they can do.

And it's hard to argue with Iowa's approach. One might argue that the Iowa staff should try to close a few deals a little harder, or offer playing time to try to get a recruit, such as Chris Leak last year.

But that is just not their style. They tell each kid the same thing: if you work hard and are willing to pay the price, you will have a chance to play for the Iowa Hawkeyes.

The results of that approach are 21 wins over the past two seasons.

Dwayne Hendricks is hearing a lot of different pitches, being one of the most sought after defensive ends in the nation.

The process is almost over for him, and like so many other prospects, he is probably looking forward to signing day.

The Hawkeyes would very much like to see him commit to their program as he has the chance to be a difference maker at defensive end.

Hawkeyenation.com's Rob Howe has more on Hendrick's status and possible frame of mind in this HN Clubhouse post: LINK

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