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I am Jon Miller, founder and publisher of and Hawkeye Nation magazine. I am proud and excited to introduce one of our advertising partners, Pre-Paid Legal Services. It is a company that I am personally very comfortable with, having been a satisfied Pre-Paid Legal customer that began using the product in 1997.

For over 30 years, Pre-Paid Legal Services has provided equal access to justice for middle income families across the United States and Canada for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

As a New York Stock Exchange Company with over one million members, Pre-Paid Legal is quickly becoming a household name as a revolutionary, rock-solid solution to an often inaccessible justice system.

For less than a cup of coffee a day, a Pre-Paid Legal Membership will provide you and your family with immediate access to quality legal protection.

If you had a legal problem today, what would you do?

Could you afford a qualified lawyer?

Would you know who to call? Would you just fish out the yellow pages and pick out the best looking advertisement? Would that lawyer be an expert on the field of law you need?

Simply put, a Pre-Paid Legal plan does for attorney and legal bills what an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) does for doctor and hospital bills.

Have you ever...
-Been overcharged for a repair?
-Tried to return a defective product?
-Received a moving traffic ticket?
-Lost a security deposit?
-Been audited?
-Signed a contract?
-Purchased a home?
-Prepared a Will?

Getting legal help should not be a financial decision!

Think about it...

  • The top 10% already have the funds for legal access...
  • The bottom 10% have access to legal aid or a public defender...
  • But the middle 80% often don't seek legal counsel.

    In 1999, there were 34 million hospitalizations in America. There were 97 million court filings. Those numbers show that we are nearly three times as likely to need the services of a lawyer than we will need a physician.

    As I said, I began using these services back in 1997 and I have been more than pleased with my experience with Pre-Paid Legal Services. I appreciated their services so much that I immediately wanted to be a part of their team, as I see pre-paid legal plans becoming very, very common in America as they are overseas, as some European countries require people to own pre-paid legal plans if they drive a car.

    America's society is becoming more and more litigious each and every year. If this is the first time you have heard of a plan like this, I will promise you it will not be the last.

    If you would like to learn more about what Pre-Paid Legal Services can do for you, CLICK HERE.

    Quotes from the American Bar Association:

    "Americans have come to view legal assistance as a necessity. The best way for the majority of Americans to be able to assure themselves of legal assistance when they need it... is through a prepaid legal plan."

    "More than half of all households have a legal situation right now."

    "Even law abiding Americans will encounter a legal situation an average of four to six times per year." —National Resource Center for Consumers of Legal Services

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