Never Too Early To Become A Hawkeye

In conjunction with Iowa men's basketball coach Steve Alford and women's basketball coach Lisa Bluder, Iowa City Regina athletic director and head girls basketball coach Jeff Wallace, Al Lorenzen, co-owner of FutureStars Basketball, and Matt Haas, assistant girls basketball coach at Iowa City Regina, and also an employee of FutureStars have given first through fourth grade boys and girls in the Iowa City and surrounding areas the perfect opportunity to become a Future Hawk!

In its second year of existence, the FutureHawks Basketball League gives boys and girls the chance to learn the basics of the game of basketball as well as have some fun playing the game. The main purpose of the league is to create an environment in which all participants will have a positive basketball experience. The emphasis throughout will be having fun!

Co-founder of the league Al Lorenzen stated, "We have a simple focus for the league, to give kids a positive first basketball experience in a low key environment, and hopefully ignite their passion for the game that will keep them playing for a long time."

Registration for this year's league was held Sunday, October 28th at Iowa City Regina High School. From there the kids were divided up in to two divisions: 1st and 2nd grade, and 3rd and 4th grade. Players were then placed onto teams and games will begin this weekend at Iowa City Regina High School. Girls will play their games on Saturday afternoons, while the boys will play theirs on Sundays.

"The league is a great way for Iowa City kids to begin playing organized basketball at an earlier age than they normally would be," Jeff Wallace co-founder said. "The kids are excited to meet the Iowa coaches and players, which only comes about do to the tremendous support we receive from Coach Alford and Coach Bluder."

One of those little perks that those players who participate in the league receive is the chance to meet some of their favorite Iowa men's and women's basketball players. Throughout the eight-week season, members of both the men's and women's teams will periodically stop by and catch a glimpse of the kids playing. Last year when Reggie Evans and Luke Recker walked in the gym, a game ended up being stopped for 10 minutes because all the kids ran over to meet their idols. That's what the league is all about--giving them opportunities they might not normally have.

The staff of the FutureHawks camp will help the children have fun playing basketball, and maybe even find the next Luke Recker or Lindsey Meder in this group of young kids in FutureHawks this year.

Sidenote: The organizers of FutureHawks will also be putting on a fundamentals clinic Sunday December 23rd from 1-3 pm at Iowa City Regina High School. The clinic will be open to all boys and girls in grades 1-4, not just members of FutureHawks Basketball League. Cost for the two-hour clinic is $20 for those players who are participants of the league and $25 for those players who are not.

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