Williams Impressed With Iowa; Decision Imminent

Youngstown, Ohio native Miles Williams has known for a long time that he wanted to play in the Big Ten. And back in April of 2003, Williams verbally accepted a scholarship offer from the home state Ohio State Buckeyes. But things changed, as we will explain, and Williams would later commit to Michigan State. How then did Williams find himself in Iowa City last weekend, and how do the Hawkeyes rate in his eyes? You won't want to miss this story...

Youngstown, Ohio (Fitch High School) native Miles Williams has known for a long time that he wanted to play in the Big Ten.

And back in April of 2003, Williams verbally accepted a scholarship offer from the home state Ohio State Buckeyes.

Williams had this to say on that commitment back in April when he spoke with Chris Pool of The Insiders:

"The main reason I made an early verbal commitment is because of my mother and my sisters. I have a great relationship with my family and I wanted to stay close to home, so they could see me play.

"I also wanted to be close enough that I would be able to come home whenever I wanted too. Ohio State has a great program and I like the coaching staff a lot. My commitment is solid."

Things seemed cut and dried and Williams thought that the recruiting process was done.

And then came an early December visit from Ohio State, and things became unclear. Then later, the Ohio State staff told Williams that there would not be an offer for him. That link will explain a lot with how this saga has unfolded and why Williams was a ‘recruit' once again.

Williams' high school coach began making some calls, and Michigan State and Iowa were among the schools interested.

"They (Iowa and Michigan State) both recruited me before I committed to Ohio State. But once I committed, basically all of the schools that were recruiting me kind of backed off," said Williams, who is 6-foot-3, 205-pounds and runs a sub 4.5 forty yard dash. "My coach made a few calls the day that they told me that I would not have a scholarship at Ohio State. Then some coaches came in that week to see me and offered me a scholarship."

Williams respected the fact that Iowa and Michigan State, among other schools, backed off of him after he committed to Ohio State, "Because that is where I wanted to go and play. But I respect the fact that they are giving me a chance now."

Williams visited Michigan State on the weekend of January 16th, and shortly thereafter committed to the Spartans.

But the Iowa coaching staff was able to get him to visit Iowa City this past weekend, and now the waters have muddied for Williams and where he will be playing football next year.

"I liked my visit to Iowa a lot. I had a great time." Williams said. "I liked the coaches and basically everything about it. I was surprised. I had committed to Michigan State, so I thought that I would just visit this place and see what it is about. But it turned out real good."

After the wild and crazy recruiting process Williams has been through, he is eager to make his final decision and move on with the next phase of his life.

"I will make my decision probably later tonight when my mother gets home and after I speak with her. She always helps me make these decisions."

A versatile athlete, Williams did not play receiver during his senior year of high school, but the position will not be new to him.

"I will play wide receiver at college. During my sophomore year, I played receiver, then my junior year I played a little of both, then my senior year I played running back. We did not have a quarterback during my junior and senior year that could throw the ball."

Williams said the decision will not be an easy one to make. When asked what the most important factor in his decision might be, Williams was unsure, though he did have this to say.

"Umm…(long pause)...To tell you the truth, I am not sure. I like everything about each place equally. It's kind of like, maybe playing time? I just like everything about them both."

One thing that Williams knows for sure is that he will have a chance to go to a good football program, no matter who he selects.

"That is what I am happy about. After what happened with Ohio State (them pulling their offer), I didn't know if other schools were going to give me a chance. It turned out that two good schools did, and I am just happy that these two schools are giving me a chance."

"I have always wanted to play in the Big Ten. The competition level is great and you know a lot of the other recruits and players in that league."

Williams is also glad that he will have a chance to play against Ohio State during his career, though he is not disrespectful about it.

"Of course I am glad about that. It will be a big motivating factor. I will remember how things went, but I just look at is as a motivator." Williams said, but also adding that "Ohio State was cool about it; there are no hard feelings."

Williams, who is rated as a Top 30 receiving prospect by The Insiders, intends to major in Sports Management in college.

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