Clinton Solomon: On the Verge of Hawkeye Return?

Since leaving the Iowa football program this summer due to ineligibility issues, Iowa fans have kept close tabs on WR Clinton Solomon. When Mo Brown and Ed Hinkel went down with injuries, thoughts turned to Solomon and 'what might have been.' Publisher Jon Miller spoke with Solomon today (2/3) and has an update on his status. Will he be in Iowa City next fall?

Solomon certainly said all of the right things as far as the lessons that he learned at Iowa Central Community College this year.

He talked about how painful it was to watch his former teammates winning, what being away from Iowa has meant to him, the steps he has taken to prove that he is worth another opportunity by the Iowa staff and much, much more.

We are not prepared to list Solomon as an Iowa 'commit' at this time, but as subscribers can read in the post linked below in our 'HN Clubhouse' members only forum, if he continues working on the academic side of things, there might be a chance that he could be back in black and gold. SUBSCRIBERS CLICK HERE

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