Hawks Talk: Worley, Brunner and Horner

Glen Worley, Greg Brunner and Jeff Horner had plenty to say this week after Iowa's Big win against Indiana on Saturday and as they prepare for another big contest against Wisconsin on Wednesday.


With all the energy expended at Indiana, are you guys going to have anything left for this week?

Yeah. We have to. We only have about six or seven more games left. We definitely just have to go out there and play hard every night.

Do you feel like you guys kind of control your own destiny?

Yeah. Definitely. This is a big opportunity for us. We're only two games back of the leaders. We know that this is a big week for us. We've got to take each game, game by game.

You're on the verge of joining the 1,000-point club. How would you feel about that, assuming that it happens Wednesday night?

It's definitely a great moment to be considered in a great class of people. I never even thought about it until we got off of the bus after the (Indiana) game, and (Iowa Associated Sports Information Director) Steve Roe told me about it. It's definitely a great class to be in.

What do think about your career at Iowa if you can look back over the entire four years?

It started off pretty good. It's had its rough spots. But for the most part, it's been a lot of fun.

Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished?

I'm not a person that's just satisfied with what they've done. The thing about basketball is there is an opportunity to improve each time. And there are always things that you can improve on.

What about the fact that you decided to stay home? Michigan State wanted you. Some other top programs wanted you. How do you feel about that decision in retrospect?

I definitely feel good about it. The chance to play in front of your hometown crowd, you always don't get that opportunity. I definitely feel blessed to have the opportunity to play in from of my home fans.

Did that put extra pressure on you?

It definitely brought extra pressure, but that's just part of it. It's part of college athletics and college basketball. It's just something that you have to do.

You played about 21 minutes more on Saturday than you had been averaging up to that point. Do you just not think about being tired?

You have to go. You get that two-minute rest every four minutes. So, you have to tell yourself that it's just four minutes every time.

Do you take pride in knowing that you played that many minutes and had only three fouls?

I don't know about that. It helps that we played a lot of zone. The fact that they only played five or six players helped us, too. Right now, we're in a good position having two home games this week. We definitely just have to take care of home.

You really seemed like the emotional leader out there on Saturday. Did you try to do things differently?

No. That's just the job of me and Brody right now to get things going; to understand that every game is an important game. It's not on the last seven games of our senior year, it's also someone's last seven games of his junior year or sophomore year.

In what ways, if any, have you changed as a person since you came to Iowa?

I see a lot more things now. You get out there you're freshman year, and everything is kind of fast-paced. Through the years, you start watching tape and understanding things. You understand things a lot better, and you just try to relay that to the younger players.

Do you feel more comfortable in these situations? It seemed like early on that maybe you didn't care to deal with the media.

It's not one of my things. I've never really been a guy that likes to be in the newspapers and things like that. I'm one of the leaders of the team, so it's just something that I have to do.

What do you want to do after basketball?

I don't know. It's kind of weird to think that I'm going to be done with school and things like that.

Do you hope to play somewhere next year?

If I can, that would be great. If I've got to get a normal job, that would be great. Whatever happens, I'm going to look forward to doing it. ---


How do you pace yourself or do you pace yourself that you're playing more minutes now?

The time that you get to rest is dead balls and free throws. And you get a two-minute break during timeouts. Other than that, you're going full bore the entire time.

Is that tough on you?

Of course it's going to be tough. You're running so much. You're banging in the post the entire time. It's real tough. But you've got to do it. It comes with the territory.

Did having to go through that last season, playing a lot of minutes, prepare you for this season?

The learning curve helped me out a lot last year. I already know what to anticipate. We went through a tough time last year. Jeff and I got thrown in where we had to play a great number of minutes. This year, it's the same situation. Once you've already done it, it's not as bad as it was the first time.

Did you have to go through something mentally on Saturday just to get through all of that?

Like coach said to me after the game, " I know there were times during the game where you wanted to quit or you were so tired that you just wanted to walk off of the court." You just have to overcome it. You know that you're tired. But you have to play through it and convince yourself that you're not. That's what coach always tells us.

Have there been some times where you just wanted to walk away from everything? I remember the one practice where you drop-kicked the ball.

(Laughs) That was more frustration because I wasn't playing very well. I just let up a rebound and let someone score over me. I wasn't very happy because I let our team lose. I kind of let my emotions get the best of me there. I mean, you've got to play on emotions; play on adrenaline. If you don't, it's hard to compete in this league.

Have you been...I don't know how you can answer this...happy here all season?

Oh yeah.

There wasn't a frustrating time of the year when you thought that you wanted out of here?

No. I've been happy all season. I love it here. The coaches are great. The fans are great. The players are great. ---


What do you think about being Big Ten Player of the Week?

Actually, I just found out about it 10 minutes ago. You know, it feels pretty good. But my teammates are just as much a part of it as I am. They just did a good job of coming through on Saturday. Everybody just played their hearts out.

How did your legs feel on Sunday morning?

They felt alright. You're a little bit tired. I think I'm more tired (Monday) than I was (Sunday). You've just got to get through it. It's a pretty big game on Wednesday.

Will you guys have anything in the tank left for Wisconsin?

I think so. When we get to March, hopefully we're playing for something pretty big. If you we can't get to that or don't have enough in the tank for that, then there's something wrong with you because when you get to March, it's big time.

We want to know what kind of free throw streak you had in high school compared to this.

To tell you the truth, I think I was about a 70 percent free throw shooter in high school. My shooting has improved a lot. I couldn't tell you what streak I had or anything like that. Just as long as we win games, I'm fine with that.

Do you feel like every single shot you take is going to go in?

My shot feels good. My teammates are getting me a lot of open shots with their drives and kicks. It's really my teammates that are getting me the shots. Fortunately, they're going down.

You win a big one of the road. Now, you're at home. You can't let that one go, right?

Yeah. You're playing the conference leader in Wisconsin. It's going to be a big game. Everybody should be pumped up for it. I'm pretty sure that everybody's going to forget about Saturday and be focused on Wisconsin.

How many times did you watch the replay of your shot?

To tell you the truth, I haven't watched it yet. I saw it on SportsCenter, and that's the only time that I've seen it. It's all good after that. We came out with the win. That's the important thing.

When you saw it on Sportscenter, was that the way that you remembered it?

Kind of. I don't really remember Moye being there when I shot it. Actually, I kind of looked at it, and I thought that Glen was wide open in the corner, too. I could have kicked it to him. That's kind of what I thought about.

Do you think everybody on the team looks at Wisconsin as a team that if you play well, you'll beat?

You know, they're obviously one of the best teams in our conference. They're at home right now, and after that loss at Northwestern, they're going to come in pretty mad. We've just got to be ready for everything because they're going to be pumped up. They know that this is probably a must win for them to stay in first place. Our team has got to just come in and play with a lot of intensity and have a lot of fun out there.

How do you feel about the Big Ten race? You're just two games back in the loss column, and you've got four of the next five at home.

This is going to be a big stretch for us. There wouldn't be a better way to start off than getting a "W" on Wednesday. We have to take one game at a time, and every game from here on out is a big game for us.

What do you think the big factors are in your development as a player, primarily as a shooter and a scorer? Is it confidence or not having nagging injuries?

I definitely would say that it's confidence. I've known all of my life that I could shoot the ball. This year, my teammates are getting me a lot of open shots, and I'm hitting them. Just as long as we continue to win, it doesn't really matter.

You're always very polite in these interviews. It's almost like one of those scenes from a baseball movie where the player is careful what he says. Did your dad school you on stuff like that?

Not really. That was just kind of how I was brought up. To tell you the truth, when I went to Colorado Springs (for USA Basketball) the last two summers in high school, they actually showed you how to do your interviews and stuff like that.

You guys are 18- and 19-year old kids. Shouldn't you be able to play 40 minutes?

Oh yeah. I love playing basketball. I'm sure that my teammates are the same way. Especially playing the No. 1 team in the conference and the (17th) ranked team in the country, it's going to be a fun game. People should get excited for it. You're playing in the Big Ten. This is what you came to school to do. You play basketball and get an education.

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