Capitalizing In Columbus

Iowa collected a crucial victory at Ohio State on Wednesday, knocking off the Buckeyes, 78-67. Senior Brody Boyd netted a Hawkeye career-high 25 points courtesy of 6-of-9 3-point shooting. Classmate Glen Worley chipped in with 12 points and 10 rebounds as Iowa improved to 14-9 overall and 7-5 in the Big Ten.

Hawkeye Nation Basketball Expert Bobby Hansen's postgame interviews on the Hawkeye Radio Network and Learfield Sports:

Brody Boyd

What is it about Columbus, Ohio that brings out the best in your guys?

I'm not for sure. We just know where we stand. We know that we've got to come in here and get some road wins. This was huge for us knowing that we could come in here and fight. We beat them once. So, we knew we could come in here and definitely get a win. But they're no pushover. They're a solid team. They've got some solid players. But we just came in here and fought and got a big old road win.

Talk about your play tonight. You had it stuck on automatic from beyond the 3-point line, 6 out of 9. The basket must have looked 3-feet wide tonight.

Right. It did. But I've been shooting the ball a lot better, and my confidence is up right now. And anytime you can hit three or four in a row, your confidence is really up for that game. I just felt it tonight. They played a lot of man-to-man (defense). I thought that they'd switch it up more. I got comfortable with it. We done a lot of good screens and a lot of good cuts. That just helped me.

I thought one of the keys of the game was the play of you and Pierre to start this thing. You guys were active on the defensive end, and then offensively, it was your shooting and Pierre's slashes to the basket that got you this victory.

That's something that we've always talked about was the first four minutes of each half. And before the game, we talked about the first four minutes of the first half. We got out of the gates and made them call a timeout early. That's definitely what we wanted to do.

Senior leadership. You and Glen are the only two seniors left to play. Talk about Glen's play.

Glen is just a big time player. He rebounds. He can screen and pop and shoot it. The biggest thing that he did tonight was knock down free throws there late in the game. That's what a vet does. He did a great job tonight. I can't say enough about him.

Are you guys doing anything different in your motion offense? It appears that you've just been more efficient.

We're not doing anything different. We've stuck with what we've been doing the whole year. We're just doing it better. We're doing everything better right now. We're just getting after it, and everything is solid.

Well, you've got a break now. What's the plans?

We're going to relax. We can't control what other teams do. We're just going to sit back, see what they do, enjoy ourselves and have a lot of fun with it.

Big game coming up against Illinois. Quick comment on Illinois.

We've got to get that one. We let one slip against Wisconsin at home. We owe Illinois something. We went into their building, had them on the ropes and just couldn't get it done. It's going to be a big game for us; hopefully a big win for us.


Steve Alford

What is it here in Columbus?

(laughing) I don't know. Maybe it's this nice coaches locker room they give us here. It's pretty plush. I don't know. I know some it's timing. This, obviously, was a huge time gamae for us. We only play one game this week, and our guys kind of sensed it. Purdue losing last night dropped them to 6-6 (in conference). Indiana gets beat tonight. That drops them to 6-6. It gave us a chance to get that seventh win. You've just got to give the players the credit. They played a smart game, and they just busted their tails for 40 minutes.

We're talking about senior leadership all of the time. They certainly came through tonight.

Brody and Glen have done a great job of just trying to explain to the guys of the stretch that we're in right now. A lot of these guys haven't been through it. Pierre missed last year. Jeff and Bru are still young. We're in a crunch time time of the season. It's time to play with a lot of urgency; loose balls, all of those things are very important. Those two are doing a very good job, not just with leadership, but production. Glen had a double-double tonight, and Brody only hit the rim on that last free throw.

Are you guys doing anything different in your motion offense or are you just more efficient?

We're become more efficient in that they really understand it. We thought going into the year that we were going to have five seniors; four of them had been in it for four years. They're really getting a good understanding of it. Pierre and Jeff really have a high basketball IQ as does Greg. They've really picked up on the spacing, on the screen. We get an awful lot now in our offense off of screen and cuts. We're getting a lot of cuts and dives to the basket off of screening. It's just a great credit to what the guys are doing.

Your bigs played awfully tough tonight.

We just told them to keep battling and fighting. (Ohio State's big men) don't finish everything. They don't finish great. Keep battling. I thought that they did that. We gave up some easy ones early in the game, but we were on a roll offensively. We were able to get us a good 10-point lead and keep it at eight by half. Then in the second half, the adjustments that the guys made maybe fronting them a little bit and just battling even harder. They wore down Ohio State's big guys before our big guys got wore down.

You look at those turnovers and points off of turnovers.

Back to back games where our turnovers have been down. We're good enough offensively, and we're hard enough to guard. When the turnovers are down, we've got a chance to score big. We'd have been in the 80s tonight if we had made a higher precentage of our foul shots. It was a very good night offensively.

Well coach, a little bit of a break here. What's the plan for the week ahead?

Coaches will be able to get some recruiting in and obviously some time off as well. It gives us six days to prep for Illinois, which is playing extremely well. We know we've got a very difficult opponent coming in here. Minnesota is playing well. So next week, those at home are two very big games for us. They're hard matchups for us because both of them are big. Both of them are athletic. Both of them have very good guards. We've just got to do a good job as coaches in the next six days of getting the guys ready and getting the guys some rest; sit back this weekend and see what happens.

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