Inside The LockerRoom

Josh Clark returns with the popular "Inside The LockerRoom." Like always, you can expect to hear the lastest gossip on the Iowa Hawkeyes, and this edition will be no different.

I'm expecting this weekend to be very much the same as last year against Michigan State. Many feel that the situation of this being Bank's second game as taking over will be much like Beutjer's second game taking over last year, meaning it will result in victory.

With Damien Anderson out, Bob Sander's return may not be as important since Northwestern is likely going to stick to its passing game. While Sander's passing coverage has greatly improved, he makes the defense so much better because he prevents teams from running to the outside. I still think the staff will feel more confident if he can return to the field.

What was with the decision not to have Kahlill Hill, our best receiver and playmaker, not on the field during the last play against Michigan? Chris Oliver was the targeted receiver, but yet he hadn't caught a ball all game. This question was disturbing to some, and many think that a different play that could have been ran to Kahlill could have turned the fortunes of the game around.

Rumors around Iowa City have circulated that Chad Greenway has been asked to work-out at Quarterback. While Greenway has great mobility, there hasn't been much said about how good of an arm he has. hasn't been able to confirm anything at this time, but we'll keep everyone updated!!!! If Greenway does become a QB, could it also mean a possible position switch for Matt Bohnet? Lastly, I just everyone to remember that at this time all we reporting is that we've heard of rumors of this, but once again hasn't been able to confirm anything.

I have heard from a pretty good source that Coach Ferentz is a little upset about his choice of red-shirting this whole freshman class, and doesn't plan on doing it again in the future. With the recent injuries, I think he'd be feeling a little better if he had players like Antwan Allen and Ed Hinkel to stick in there.

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