Artist's Rendering of Kinnick Upgrades

Pictures and descriptions of some of the proposed upgrades to Kinnick Stadium were released to the media late last night and today. has obtained two artist's renderings of what the changes <b>may</b> look like and has compiled them in this story.

New South Endzone Grandstand, Street Level

This is the view of Kinnick Stadium's proposed new south endzone bleacher from a vantage point south of Melrose Avenue.

Per the University's desire to maintain the look and feel of the existing facility, architects working on the project have proposed a façade featuring the same red brick used on the other three facades of the stadium and reintroduced the distinctive triple arch design element featured so prominently on the exterior walls of the east and west bleachers.

This perspective provides an interesting view of the proposed new press box. The new facility is projected to be slightly taller and almost three times wider than the existing press box.

This perspective also provides a view of the proposed outdoor club seating area. The 1,100 premium seats to be available in the outdoor club area will be cantilevered off the second level of the proposed press box into the bowl of the stadium.

New Press Box and West Grandstand, Street Level

This is the view of Kinnick Stadium's proposed new press box and the stadium's new west concourse from a vantage point west of the stadium. The new press box will stand approximately 10 feet taller than the current facility and will stretch north and south from goal line to goal line. The existing structure runs approximately between the two 25-yard lines.

Again, architects working on the renovation plan have reintroduced the distinctive triple arch design feature at the south and north ends of the new structure. Those that are visible at the center of the facility are actually the arches located on the original exterior wall of the stadium's west grandstand as seen through panes of glass.

This view also provides another example of the University's determination to make certain the renovated Kinnick Stadium closely resembles the original structure. Again, red brick similar to the original structure is the material of choice. Also of note is the University's decision to retain the architectural features located at the top of the far north and far south of the original west grandstand structure.

The interior of the press box promises to be flooded with natural light thanks in great measure to the bank of glass located at the center of the facilities' four levels.

NOTE: These renderings and information about them are not finalized at this point.

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