Illinois Quarterback Impressed with Iowa

You are going to read several recruiting updates over the course of the next 10 months regarding players who hail from the state of Illinois, as there is a solid crop of football talent in the Land of Lincoln this year. One of those players is Barrington, Illinois QB Garrett Seeger. Seeger recently attended and Iowa Junior Day and came away from his time spent with the Iowa coaching staff impressed. Also, learn about Seeger's family ties to the University of Iowa...(more)

One of the most cliché things that you can come across when reading stories on recruits and prospects is when a writer says ‘the kid was very well spoken, respectful and seems like a great person.'

I know that when I read lines like that, I don't think much of it.

Having said that, there are prospects that you interview during the course of each recruiting ‘season' who are mature beyond their years and who are incredibly polite and well mannered. Not in an Eddie Haskel sort of way; in a genuine way.

After speaking with Barrington, Illinois quarterback Garrett Seeger, and though it may sound cliché, he is all that and a bag of chips.

First of all, he is humble.

Knowing that he is a great, great student, I asked him to talk about his academics.

"I have done well in the classroom." Seeger said.

That's it. He didn't elaborate because he is not a good interview; that is not the case, as you will read in a moment. He is just a humble, well-spoken teenager who likes to let his numbers and performance do the talking.

By the way, Seeger carries at 3.98 grade point average.

Seeger will be a four-year varsity starter for Barrington this coming fall. He is a dual-threat quarterback, as his team runs the option quite a bit. He is 6-feet-2, 195 pounds and has run a self reported 4.5 forty-yard dash.

He was also a member of the Iowa Football program during their Junior Day on February 14th.

"I had been there (Iowa) before at a summer camp going into my sophomore year of high school. But I am very impressed with the campus, the football facilities and the strength coach Chris Doyle. He made a great presentation." Seeger said of his Iowa visit.

"I was impressed with all of the coaches. I felt it was great that the coaches came to the game with the recruits and sat by us; they didn't just leave once the game started and I thought that was classy. I didn't think they would come sit with us, I figured they would go to their offices and do some work."

As is typically the case when interviewing prospects that have toured Iowa's facilities and met the coaches, the first mention of Iowa Strength and Conditioning coach Chris Doyle took all of 10 seconds to make its first appearance. We wanted to know why Doyle's presentation stood out?

"He gave an overview of the strength program. What he did differently from what I have seen at other junior days is he said ‘I can't tell you exactly what you would do here, because I will take an evaluation of you. Then I will go from there to design a program for you. I can do certain things for you, I won't give you numbers, but I can show you what you need to do to make yourself better.' I was impressed that he didn't say things that were not true. My impression of him is that he is very honest, and something like that makes Iowa stand out a lot.

Seeger, on some other Junior days and schools he has visited:

"I have been to Illinois', I was in and out at Northwestern, and Air Force. I have been to several schools. I really had a great experience when I visited the Air Force academy, too. But I really left Iowa very impressed with their coaching staff."

To date, Seeger's lone offer is from Air Force, but that might change after Seeger goes through the paces this summer at several football camps, including Iowa camp in June.

"Initially, Iowa told me they were looking at me as a quarterback, but they did not know that I would be willing to play somewhere else, so they said that right now they are looking at me as a quarterback, but they would considering putting me somewhere else. It would depend on how I did at their summer camp." Seeger said. He also added that he is not 100-percent certain that he will be attending Iowa's camp, but "almost certain."

If he does not play quarterback at the next level, he might find himself in the defensive backfield at one of the safety positions.

As mentioned earlier, Barrington runs a lot of option, so Seeger is carrying the ball as much as he throws it, something that might start him out from behind in the recruiting process as far as being recruited as a quarterback

"I think that could be the case a little bit. You look at some of these high school kids that throw the ball for 4,000 yards, they throw the ball 50 times a game. When you don't throw it as much, it won't show as much. I love our high school coaches and we do what is best for us to win football games."

Seeger has one of the nation's best offensive lineman as a teammate in Dan Doering. Doering and Seeger attended the February 14th Iowa Junior Day together. Does the thought of playing with a high school teammate at the next level intrigue Seeger?

"Obviously, if I could play with Dan in college, that would be great. We have been playing together on and off since we were in the 3rd grade. That would be cool, but it would not be the deciding factor." Seeger said.

As for what the deciding factors will be for Seeger, he listed several.

"I think education has to be a part of the decision. You have to be comfortable there and the coaches have a great deal to do with that."

The Seeger family has some connections to the University of Iowa, as Garrett's father Philip used to participate in Dan Gable's wrestling camps, and is close friends with Dan Holm, a national champion for Iowa at 158-pounds back in the mid 1970's. The elder Seeger spent several summers in Iowa City due his wrestling career.

As is the case with many prospects, the parents will have a role in the decision making process.

"I think my parents will be a big factor in helping me decide where I go. The feel they get from a school will be important to me. I am just a kid and they know a lot of things that I do not. From his (Philip's) time spent at Iowa, he knows a lot more about the campus and things that I would know."

It's still early in the recruiting process for Seeger and all members of the class of 2005, but in a few months, Garrett understands that he will have a chance to show his wares in front of college coaches around the country, and at Iowa.

"I think I have to keep getting better and to perform well at the Iowa camp. If I work hard and do what I am capable of, I think I should get an offer. A lot of that might depend on my performance, but I am fine with that. That is how it should be."

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