DB Rowan Will Visit Iowa

This is a chance for all Hawk fans to catch a glimpse of what type of feature stories are offered as part of our Hawkeye InsideEdge Team Pass. In this story, Josh Clark was given the chance to speak to DB Levonne Rowan about his potential visit to Iowa City this winter.

Erie, Pennsylvania is quickly becoming a hotbed for the Hawkeye coaching staff. After gaining the services of Bob Sanders and Ed Hinkel the past two years, they have once again set their eyes on Erie, however, this time it doesn't involve Cathedral Prep. Mercyhurst DB Levonne Rowan (5'11 170 4.47) is one of the top athletes in the state, along with Hawk prospect Steve Breaston. HTO.com scooped the potential visit of Levonne this past week.

"I know I'll be visiting Iowa for sure," Levonne commented. "However, its iffy on whether it'll be this weekend or not as my dad is kind of busy and I want him there to help me make my decision. I have a tenative date set with Wisconsin to visit on the 30th of November."

Levonne is having no problem attracting attention. Right now, he has offers from Wisconsin, Iowa, Bowling Green, Pitt, and Temple. Schools like Syracuse, Duke, and Boston College are also showing strong interest.

"I like the fact that Iowa has players from my area on their team. I know Bob Sanders and Eddy Hinkel, in fact, I grew up with Bob Sanders. He wasn't much in little league, but in high school he was a beast and I know he is doing the same at Iowa. Iowa has a good coaching staff as Coach Moore has told me a lot about them, I just spoke to Coach Moore yesterday. They are definitely a program on the rise."

"Right now I'm being recruited as a DB, which I like, but I'll play wherever I'm needed. Last year I had 10 interceptions, but this year I have 4 because I'm not being thrown to as much. My teammate, Jovon Johnson, is taking over though as he has 9 interceptions. Iowa is just starting to show interest in him, along with Kansas State and others, as my AD is suppose to be sending them a tape this week. He does everything for us so I know he can play on the D1 level."

Levonne would definitely be a welcomed addition to the football team. His great speed, running a 10.5 in the 100 and 21.5 in 200 last year, would add another piece to the defensive puzzle Norm Parker and staff are building at Iowa.

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