Hawks Talk: Roth, Young and Greenway

Here are some more post-spring game thoughts from Matt Roth, Albert Young and Chad Greenway.


Q: So was making it as a Playboy All American a big honor for you?

It is a big honor, but it doesn't have anything to do with how you will play. You could be the preseason Mr. Everything, but if you don't prove yourself, it doesn't matter.

Q: Did the Iowa coaches keep you out of some plays this spring?

There are a couple of us that they keep out of drills in the spring because they want the offense to get the rhythm down. We understand that. The young guys need that work, and sometimes it's hard for them to do that when guys like me, Babineaux, Luebke or Derreck Robinson are getting in there too fast and disturbing things. We understand and they are making good strides.

Q: Does that frustrate you at all?

It does to a degree, but I have been a sick a bit and it has refreshed me. But everyone is getting better, and that is good for the team.

Q: This will be your final lap this fall; what do you now to the start of fall, or are you pretty much ‘there'?

No, I am never ‘there'. I have a long way to go before I could ever be satisfied. Chris Doyle has an awesome weight program, so I will hit the weights and get my speed and strength up, my conditioning, watching film, maybe do a little bit of golf.

I am 270 now, but I have been sick, so I had lost like six pounds. But I want to get back up to 275.


Q: How do you feel you did this spring?

I felt good. I have the system down, and I felt that I performed at a high level during practice with all of the opportunities I had during this spring.

Q: In the long run, do you feel that redshirting will be a good thing for you?

Yes, definitely. Everything happens for a reason. I figure that I was supposed to redshirt last season. I think it's better for me in the long run, because I get to be a freshman next year, and instead of going in there with some doubts last year, I will know all of the protections this year and everything else, so I think it will work out better for me in the long run.

Q: What are some areas you want to improve upon this summer?

Overall, you can always get stronger, and you can never be fast enough playing running back.


Q: What were your impressions of the Iowa offense this spring?

I thought that barring injury, they really looked good. They maybe didn't start out on the right foot, but over the course of the spring, they really got better.

Q: Bob Sanders was a big hitter, and you carried the torch a bit last year. Will next year's Iowa defense continue the physical level of play we have seen in the past?

I don't think Coach Parker will let that change. The things we do in practice, we are always physical there and hopefully that continues.

Q: You went up against Jason Manson and Drew Tate this spring, and you saw a lot of quarterbacks last year in games. What are your thoughts on these two?

I like Manson because of his feet, and he always seemed to get rid of the ball to the right guy. Tate, he can get rid of the ball in a split second and he has a real strong arm. He always seemed to find the right guy, too. They made a lot of big plays the entire spring.

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