From Erie to Indy

Free safety? Strong Safety? None of it really matters to Bob Sanders. He just wants to get onto the field, hit somebody and make a difference. Bob talked with the Iowa media on Monday about being an Indianapolis Colt, teaming up with former Ohio State safety Mike Doss, playing for Tony Dungy and more in this Q&A.

How do you think that you project over to free safety?

The way that they run their defense is in a way where both of their safeties are interchangeable. I don't really think it matters as far as strong or free. It's just safeties back there. We'll both have to know each position. It's just a matter of me going in and working hard and continuing to improve.

How is your foot?

It hasn't bothered me at all. I'm fine. I don't know exactly what they want to do about it. But I feel fine. I'm ready to go.

Have you talked to Dallas Clark at all and how much do you know about Indy?

I actually called him (Sunday). I haven't really had a chance to talk to him very much. I know they have a great organization, great coaches, a great owner and a great G.M. So, I think they're building up their program and getting ready to get started to do some good things. Hopefully winning a Super Bowl is coming up soon.

What did they tell you?

They just want me to come in and be able to help their defense. I'm ready to do that. I'm excited for the opportunity. I think I'm with an organization that can help me improve and get better.

How neat is it to play for a defensive mind like Tony Dungy?

It's an honor to be able to play with a coach that is a defensive head coach. He's such a great guy.

Special teams too do you think?

I think so. I'm going to come right away and show it in special teams. I'm not exactly sure how the defensive thing will work, but I'm going to work my way up and hopefully get a spot.

Do you have plans for your contract money yet?

Not really. I haven't even really thought about it yet. I talked to my agent (Sunday). I just wanted to know when they start negotiating contracts. He said that it was sometime in July. Ninety five percent of the guys don't sign until a day or two before training camp.

What did you get for a signing bonus?

As of right now, I have no idea.

How much did you talk to Indy before the draft?

They had their eye on me. They told me that they liked everything that I did. They felt like I could come in right away and help their program. It was just a matter of who wanted me during the draft. They told me they would take me if I were around when they went to pick.

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