Hawks Escape Tough Test

The Iowa Hawkeyes advanced to 3-0 with a 73-67 triumph over Louisana Tech. With what proved to be a close game not until the last few minutes, the Hawks were able to play tough down the stretch in their third game of this week.

Coming into the game, many had to expect Louisana Tech to give a the Hawks a ball game. While the Hawks were able to hold some commanding leads during the ball game, including a 16 point lead at one time, La. Tech never gave up and stayed in the ball game.

"This was a tough stretch," said Alford. "We knew this would be all along. We know the toughness will not end until Wednesday night."

Reggie Evans was Iowa's leading scorer, finishing with 22 points, including an all-time best of 12 for 18 at the free throw line. Luke Recker netted seventeen points.

Chauncey Leslie once again provided excitment for Hawk fans with a few electric plays, including a big dunk resulting from a key steal. The Hawks shot 52 percent from the field in this ball game, something they should not have much problem doing all season long. However, they were dominated on the boards, something that is very rare.

This Wednesday, the Hawks will face Memphis in the Semi-Finals of the Guardians Classic. Will Iowa catch DeJuan Wagner on a hot or cold shooting night?

"DeJuan is going to get his forty shots, but it'll be our job to make sure that he doesn't make a very good percentage of them," stated Pierre Pierce. "We'll have to a do a good job to make sure we limit how much he gets his teammates invovled."

This week will definitely be a telling week for the Hawks as they get tested by some very good ball teams heading into their showdown with Duke on November 27th in the United Center, part of the ACC-BigTen Challenge. The Hawks should enter this Wednesday's ball game with a better ranking than last week's ranking of 10.

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