Hawkeye Hall of Fame: Initial Set of Nominees

In my last column, I brought up the idea of starting a Hawkeye Nation.com Hall of Fame and I asked readers for nominations. So far, there has been a very good response to this idea…with several outstanding candidates worthy of debate.

Feel free to send me an e-mail at marty@iowasportsopinions.com to make your own additions to the list of nominees. I'll give you a few more days to respond and I'll put together the final list of candidates shortly thereafter.

Then, I'll get my "panel of experts" together and put each category to a vote.

Here is the list of those who have been nominated so far, followed by some of the comments I've received from readers…


  • 1980 Final Four Iowa men's basketball team.
  • 1985 Iowa football team that was rated #1 in the country.
  • The 2002 Iowa football team that was unbeaten in the Big 10.
  • 1958 Hawkeye football team that finished #2 in the nation with one loss.
  • The 2003 Iowa football team that crushed Florida 37-17 in the Outback Bowl to finish 10-3.
  • 1970 Iowa basketball team that was undefeated in the Big 10.
  • 1956 Iowa basketball team.
  • 1957 Iowa basketball team.
  • 1961 men's basketball team on which four starters were ruled academically ineligible (everyone but Don Nelson) and the team still finished 18-6.


  • Nile Kinnick
  • Chuck Long
  • Ronnie Lester
  • Tim Dwight
  • Bobby Hansen
  • Chris Street
  • Don Nelson
  • Jess Settles
  • Jeff Horner
  • Dean Oliver
  • Alex Karras
  • Freddie Brown
  • Robert Gallery
  • Dallas Clark
  • Nate Kaeding
  • Ed Podolak
  • Randy Duncan
  • Willie Flemming
  • Tavian Banks
  • Kevin Kasper
  • Dave Moritz
  • Marv Cook
  • Calvin Jones
  • Bob Sanders
  • Lou King
  • Andre Tippett
  • Leroy Smith
  • Larry Station
  • Brad Quast
  • Jared DeVries
  • Mike Wells
  • Reggie Roby
  • Jason Baker
  • Rob Houghtlin
  • Tom Nichol
  • Earl Douthitt
  • Carl Cain
  • John Johnson
  • Vince Brookins
  • Bruce King
  • B.J. Armstrong
  • Ronnie Harmon
  • Bob Jeter
  • Sam Williams
  • Greg Stokes
  • Brad Banks
  • Matt Bowen
  • Vernon Rollins
  • Matt Roth
  • Chad Greenway
  • Abdul Hodge
  • LeVar Woods
  • Keith Chappelle
  • Bob Stoops
  • Mike Stoops
  • Bobby Diaco
  • Owen Gill
  • A.J. Blazek
  • Alonzo Cunningham
  • Matt Stockdale
  • Jonathon Hayes
  • Aaron Kampman
  • Ed Hinkel
  • Ramon Ochoa
  • Jermelle Lewis
  • Sedrick Shaw
  • Emlen Tunnell
  • Dennis Green
  • Luke Recker
  • Reggie Evans
  • Ed Horton
  • Roy Marble
  • Brad Lohaus
  • Steve Waite
  • Steve Krafcisin
  • Kevin Boyle
  • Andre Woolridge
  • Brody Boyd
  • Kyle Galloway
  • Michael Morgan
  • Chauncey Leslie
  • Greg Brunner


  • Dan Gable
  • Lute Olson
  • Hayden Fry
  • C. Vivian Stringer
  • Ralph Miller
  • Kirk Ferentz
  • Forest Evashevski
  • Bucky O'Connor
  • Dr. Tom Davis
  • Dr. Eddie Anderson
  • Lisa Bluder


  • Bob Hogue
  • Bobby Hansen
  • Jim Zabel
  • Ron Gonder
  • Bob Brooks
  • Ed Podolak
  • Mike Reilly
  • Gene Claussen
  • Al Grady
  • Ron Maly
  • Maury White


  • The 12-10 victory over Michigan in football in 1985.
  • 81-80 victory over Georgetown that put the Hawks into the 1980 Final Four.
  • 35-31 win against Michigan State in 1985.
  • The Sweet 16 victory over Oklahoma in 1987.
  • Iowa's Big Ten Tournament title victory over Indiana in 2001.
  • The 20+ point comeback victory at Illinois in men's basketball in 1987.
  • Iowa's football victory over Purdue in 2002.
  • Drilling Michigan in the Big House in 2002.
  • Beating Michigan in Iowa City in 2003.
  • The victory at Ohio State in 1987 when Marv Cook caught the TD pass from Chuck Hartlieb on the final play.
  • 103-102 overtime loss to Artis Gilmore and Jacksonville in 1970.
  • The 55-17 victory over Texas in the 1984 Freedom Bowl.
  • The 28-22 win against Tennessee in the 1982 Peach Bowl.
  • Iowa's basketball victory over UConn in Coach Alford's first game.
  • Beating Texas Tech, 19-16, in the 2001 Alamo Bowl.
  • The comeback victory at Michigan State in the first game following Chris Street's tragic death.
  • Iowa's comeback win under Tom Davis in the NCAA Tourney against George Washington.
  • Beating Nebraska 10-7 in the fall of 1981.


  • Steve Waite for his three-point play against Georgetown that put Iowa into the 1980 Final Four.
  • Rob Houghtlin's field goal that enabled #1 Iowa to beat #2 Michigan, 12-10, in 1985.
  • Ron Hawley, the Hawkeye safety who knocked over the Michigan State goalpost in 1982.
  • Bump Elliot, Iowa's Athletic Director in the 1980s.
  • Adolphus Shelton for his interception that sealed the 2002 victory over Purdue.
  • Kevin Gamble's three-pointer to beat Oklahoma in the 1987 NCAA Tournament.

Some of the comments from readers…

M & M: Marty, I've got one that I just have to share. It may not stack up with some of the all time greats like the '85 win over Michigan, but it's an important one to me.

GAMES: Iowa Football win over Purdue in 2002. I've got twin boys that were 8 years old. They'd been attending games with my wife and I since they were 4. Over the years, they'd had fun playing catch in the parking lot, watching Herky, eating nachos and paying attention to most of each game. The Purdue game started much the same, but as the excitement built and the Hawkeyes headed into their last drive the energy in Kinnick had them. When Banks hit Clark for the touchdown, I don't think I'd ever seen them so excited. We even allowed them down on the field after the game to continue the celebration.

There have been a few bigger games and better wins, but this one will always stand out as the day my boys became true Hawkeye fans. Have always enjoyed your written thoughts...Thanks.

Grady B.: Dan Gable! His record as a coach speaks for itself!

NEHawk: Nothing was better than seeing Kevin Gamble drill the game-winning three-pointer against Oklahoma in the 1987 NCAA Tourney. That's my Hall of Fame Game choice. As far as hoops, anyway. My At-Large pick for football would be Houghtlin's kick to beat Michigan 12-10.

Jim K.: Marty, I love the idea of a hall of fame nominated by Hawk fans. I hope my memory serves me well and that some of my nominations are considered worthy. With that thought in mind, here goes.

Teams: I believe it was 1970, the basketball team coached by Ralph Miller that went undefeated in the BT and lost to Jacksonville I believe in the Final Four. I think that some of the players were Downtown Freddie Brown, John Johnson, Glen "The Stick" Vidnovic, and others who's names escape me.

The only other Hawkeye BB teams that compare were the 1980 squad coached by Lute Olson who had Ronnie Lester and lost to Darrell Griffith and Louisville in the final Four, and the team (I'm not sure of the year) where Dr. Tom was the coach and we had alot of the guys that George Raveling brought in like Ed Horton, Roy Marble etc... that lost to UNLV in the Elite Eight and ended up something like 30-3 for their final season record.

In terms of football, I don't have the years down like I should, but the year that Michigan and us were #1 and #2 and we beat them in a thriller, I believe on a field goal 12-10. Of course the Freedom Bowl game where Chuck Long lit it up and we won big. The close games we had in the Holiday Bowl with Coach Fry. The last two years big wins against Michigan. The last 2 years have been special. The first bowl game of the Ferentz era when we beat Texas Tech on a Kaeding FG.

TeddyC: If Ronnie Lester had not injured his knee, we might see a clean sweep in this process for the 1980 Iowa basketball team, with Lester, Lute, the games, the media, the at-large candidates, everything. I really believe Iowa would have been national champs with Lester playing in the Final Four that year.

(Marty Gallagher founded the popular web site IowaSportsOpinions.com and now publishes IowaPrepsToday.com. E-mail him at Marty@IowaSportsOpinions.com.)

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