Flander Enjoys Nike Camp in Iowa City

There is a solid crop of talent in the state of Iowa this year, and one of those players is Trent Flander of Des Moines. He has been visited by the Iowa coaching staff in recent weeks and was in Iowa City for the Nike camp this past Sunday. Jason Miller caught up with him after the camp and has some of his thoughts as well as some observations from some high school coaches that were working the camp and had worked with Flander.

Nike Camp Profile on Trent Flander

How was the camp, in your opinion?
"It was great; the best camp I have ever been to. I love it being in Iowa, too."

How do you feel about your performance?
"My coaches told me I did great. I could have done a little better in the 40 (he went 4.9), I usually go 4.7 or maybe 4.6 . I put up 18 reps (185 lbs) in the bench press."

How is recruiting going for you right now?
Well, Iowa State really wants me to be there. I like Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin, too."

Are you open or do you have a definitive favorite?
"I don't have any real favorites right now. I am wide open."

Since this camp was held in Iowa City, what are your feelings about Iowa?
"I have been here many times, and I love it here. Coach Ferentz is doing a great job, and they are a top national team."

Are you planning to officially visit Iowa?
"Yeah, you never know."

How is next year going to go for your high school team, do you think?
"You can never tell, we lost a lot of players. But, we should be pretty tough and we play in a tough league."

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In speaking with one high school coach in attendance at the camp, he felt that Flander might have the ability to be an offensive lineman down the road in addition to his tight end abilities. He feels that Flander's feet and hands are pretty solid for run blocking, and with his size he could put on some weight for either position.

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