Home Cookin' in Kansas City

No trip to Kansas City is complete without a trip to Gates BBQ for some great ribs. However, the day shouldn't include home cookin' in Kemper Arena. In a hard fought battle, where the Hawks led virtually the entire game, questionable officiating contributes greatly to Iowa losing to Missouri, 78-77.

The last two minutes and twenty seconds of the Guardians Classic Championship game was a nightmare for the Hawks as Missouri rallied from an eleven-point deficit for a one point victory. Missouri's rally was accomplished with great three point shooting and a lot of help from the guys in striped shirts. On one particular play, Luke Recker looked like a frat boy leaving the dance when accosted by a pair of gang bangers. However, the assault went unnoticed by the three blind mice, giving Missouri an easy layup. Somehow, after swallowing their whistles when Missouri was overly aggressive, the officials recovered in time to call a foul on Glen Worley when Clarence Gilbert attempted a shot with 3.1 seconds left. Gilbert connected on his second free throw to give Missouri a tainted victory.

The pathetic Missouri football team should have been in attendance Wednesday night to learn the fundamentals of tackling. Luke Recker, Iowa's Tight End/2 guard was virtually tackled twice in the final 2 minutes. Dallas Clark will need to instruct Luke how to carry tacklers before the Iowa-Missouri rematch in December.

Iowa led in virtually every statistical category: Rebounding, free throws, field goal percentage and even steals. Except, of course, for the "BIG STEAL" at the end of the game.

Reggie Evans continued his yeoman like work as he led the Hawks with twenty-one points and eleven boards, another double-double for "the Joker". Luke Recker added 17 points and both players were named to the all-tournament team. However, neither player wanted to accept the awards.

Remember the spirit of Thanksgiving. Although the game officials wouldn't be welcome at our table, wouldn't you like to give them the bird?

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