Hawks Target Junior Center

The Iowa Hawkeyes have once again set their eyes on one of the premier junior prospects in the nation. This prospect happens to be Ndudi Ebi, will this Texas prospect consider leaving the LoneStar state for the midwest???

Ndudi Ebi (6'11 195) plays for one of the premier programs, not only in Texas, but in the nation at Houston Westbury Christian in Houston, TX. I had the chance to speak to his head coach, Greg Glenn, and here is the latest on Ndudi Ebi.

"Some of the top programs in the nation have made inquiries about Ndudi," Coach Glenn stated. "Duke, Kentucky, Iowa, Arizona, Texas, and UNC to name a few, but many others have also expressed interest."

"Ndudi and I haven't sat down to come up with any top lists of schools or anything, but Ndudi defintely has an interest in Iowa. Coach (Greg) Lansing has been here on campus, and right now he is just trying to teach Ndudi more about the program. Coach Alford is a great coach and we know that he has a great thing going on up there."

Ndudi Ebi isn't a newcomer to the game of basketball. He has lived in Houston his whole life, and started playing basketball in 7th grade.

"Ndudi works incredibly hard and is very skilled. He showed incredible potential as a youngster and has just had a great work ethic at developing his talent. He has great pride in his game and how he works at it."

"In our second game this season, he had a triple-double, with 27 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 blocks. He can really alter somebody's shot, and his frame will hold weight in college. I suspect he'll eventually get up around 250 or 260."

One thing for sure, with only two scholarships available for next season's recruiting class, only the premier prospects in the country will receive offers from Iowa. Ndudi definitely fits this bill, and Iowa will be looking for a true big man in that class. Will the Houston native leave for greener pastures???

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