The Shadow Knows Hawkeye Football

Just when you thought you would never hear from him again, my Dark Friend returns in all his glory. His absence has been noted by the loyal Hawkeye Nation readers with their message board posts and their e-mails to me. However, I didn't want to bring him back until he had one of his stories that will get everybody excited. Are you ready for some football news? Let's strap it on, because this one is LOADED with Iowa Football goodies and tidbits that everyone will appreciate...

As has been the case in the past, reports from 'The Shadow', as written by '0044', appear exclusively in the HN Clubhouse, the 'members only' forum for

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Topics include: high level opinions on Iowa's quarterback and running back corps, a seldom heard name that is really turning heads on the offensive line, some tidbits on the wide receiving corps, a health update on David Walker and much, much more!

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