All-Around Athlete

Kansas City's Marcus Walker brings to mind former Hawkeye Chauncey Leslie when you watch him on the hardwood. And like Leslie, Walker also performs well on the gridiron and track. The Hawkeyes are working for a basketball commitment from Walker, and likely will face many Midwest powers and national programs in that pursuit. Read Walker's thoughts on Iowa in this Q&A conducted with Marcus at the Hawkeyes Elite Camp this weekend.

Marcus Walker

2004-05 Senior

6-1, 190

Kansas City, MO

O'Hara High School

What are your impressions of the camp?

I came here last year, and I kind of knew what to expect; knew what it was like. But I'm just trying to see the campus some more. I'm already interested in the school. I just wanted to get around the campus and see what it's like down here even though in the summer. I know there won't be that many students around.

Iowa has offered you?


Who else has offered?

I don't know. My mom is good with that. I just play. Honestly, I don't know. I mean, I've got a lot schools that's interested but I don't really get into all of that.

So where else have you been to or looked at?

I haven't been on any offcials, but unofficials I've been KU (Kansas), MU (Missouri), Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas; just schools around the area, not far away. Hopefully I'll get to them places in the summer.

What got you interested in taking a look at Iowa?

Friendly people; friendly atmosphere. I'm a friendly type of guy. I just want to come a place that feels like home. Basketball-wise, I'm not going to get bored, but otherwise I've got to feel like I'm around family. I like the way that they treat people down here. It's friendly.

Where are you in this decision-making process?

Undecided. I play football, too. So, I'm going to wait during my football season. Hopefully, I'll be able to make a decision by the end of football season.

You do want to play basketball in college though, right? Or, do you want to play football?

I want to play college basketball. I'm also involved in track. I like that a lot. I didn't run this year, but I'm going to get back to working out this summer.

What were your statistics last year?

Twenty seven points, probably; four steals; four assists; three rebounds.

What position(s) do you play in football?

Wide receiver and punt returns; I play D. It's fun. I just try to stay active in everything so I can keep my options open. Sometimes, you might be able to get an advantage in a sport, but you like another sport. I love basketball. I just like football and track. So, I'm hoping to go in basketball.

But the door is open for those other sports if things were to fall a certain way?


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